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  1. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    I do not belive so, but it shouldnt pop up a quest log unless you have an active quest, if no active quests it shouldnt show
  2. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    {name:"Turn in the seashells",   max:10,   hidden:false,} should be {name:"Turn in the seashells",   max:10,   hidden:false} thats why it is erroring, sorry it missed it the first time
  3. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    quests always start at 1, not 0 so your quest is never being read
  4. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    can you please post your Quests.txt so i can check it for you
  5. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Added Actor Hue a simple plugin that lets you use notes to make the graphics use different hue
  6. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Released Item Icon Hue Description below: This allows you to customize items a little more by allowing you to customize the hue of the items icon
  7. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Released Custom Window Title Plugin
  8. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    download the complete package for now, im still adding features to title enhanced
  9. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Released MUE_PluginToOptions 
  10. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    title enhance and graphics advance will be updated here in few min in the complete package on my site the webpage for each will not be updated till tomorrow
  11. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Released BugFix which helps get rid of all the nasty buggies that plauges the normal game 
  12. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    Seams like you have the plugin saved as recipecrafting.js when it should be RecipeCrafting.js
  13. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    can you upload your .txt and a screen of your event where your calling it please
  14. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    Released StatCore Hope you all Enjoy
  15. Mutation Engine Plugins | Count: 17+

    would love your Feedback on MUE_ClassBasedLevelSystem
  16. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    can you show screen of the console please
  17. Vlue's Plugin's (Crafting,Quests,Inventory,Time,Steal)

    the file you attached went

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