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  1. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Bumping this thread to let you all know that the development has been completed. We're doing final testing rounds, and the current tentative release date is September 11th. Hope you all like the game!
  2. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Eva Reynes Kickstarter is now LIVE! Please support us using the link below.
  3. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Eva Reynes Steam page is up! Add it to your wishlist to get updates and release notification.
  4. RishigangiX

    What is the game platform you are spent most of the time playing games? Why?

    PC and Android. Never owned any consoles nor do I plan on getting one any time soon.
  5. RishigangiX

    Size Reduction/Compression Tips and Tricks

    In case of Windows version, I'd keep those files, just to be on the safe side. I personally haven't tried removing them yet. The size gets reduced a bit when you use a packager like Enigma Virtual Box and then put it in a rar or zip. As for APK, I'm not sure because I only ported it once for...
  6. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    @Biestmann Thanks! I'd love to hear your feedback if you try the demo.
  7. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Hi guys, Just dropping in to say I've made a few changes to the game's demo. - Edited the Blue Moon Inn and Alex's Apartment and improved the mapping. - Changed some character artwork and made it more consistent with the overall art. - Fixed some typos and inconsistencies. - Redesigned the UI...
  8. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Hi all! The demo is finally ready! You can get it from our website or from the RMN page. I've edited the main post with the links, but I'll put them here as well. Website: RMN:
  9. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Howdy all! Just bumping to invite you guys to the Discord channel that I set up. I'll be very active there and will answer to all queries/requests regarding this game and Eredia as well. Cheers!
  10. RishigangiX

    PSA: Check if your game is being sold by this developer

    I'm ready to file lawsuits just for the sake of it if he ever tries to copy one of my games. This is another example of how Steam Direct turned the indie scene from bad to worse. And if that wasn't bad enough, Steam is yet to ban the developer. I had completely lost hope in their management...
  11. RishigangiX

    What is your New Years Resolution

    I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions simply because if I feel that I need to change or improve something, I should start on the very same day, instead of waiting for a new year to make a fresh start. My only New Year's Resolution is to not stop doing that.
  12. RishigangiX

    RMMV Luminance - A Tale of Suns and Moons [Card Game]

    The character art looks nice. Good luck with the game!
  13. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    @Hoorebeke Enterprise Sure, sent you a PM.
  14. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Just dropping in to say that I've finished making a tester's demo for the first episode, so if anyone from the community is interested in becoming a tester, let me know. I'll only release a public demo after I'm made sure that typos and bugs have been squished. I'd also like to hear feedback...
  15. RishigangiX

    RMMV Project Edel - a horror and fairy tale inspired game.

    Love the artwork here. Good luck on the project!
  16. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    @sheffield Thanks for the support! I'll be posting updates regularly.
  17. RishigangiX

    RMMV Eva Reynes: Volume I

    @mlogan Not yet, but I'm trying to get one out by the end of the month. I don't want to repeat the same mistakes I made with Eredia, so I'll try to make even the first demo relatively bug-free and polished.
  18. RishigangiX

    Recent Platform Changes for Distribution (Steam and others)

    Steam definitely needs competition - not only in terms of revenue split, but for better curation and game selection as well. From the article I guess Epic will be manually curating the games until they find a long term solution.
  19. RishigangiX

    Do you use other game engines?

    I recently bought velociraptor because it the features/reviews seemed good, and it's also budget-friendly. Gonna try breaking in to the VN picture in the near future.
  20. RishigangiX

    Recommended Starter's DLC for this assets?

    Ah, in that case you probably won't need the dungeon. ^^ Yeah, I think they include the charsets and stuff. You can check out the individual pages for each of the resources. For example, this is the first one.

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