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  1. spiritseekerpsp

    Quasi's Sight and Movement Scripts

    Hey everyone! I've been beating my head against the proverbial wall for a few days regarding this, and have reached out to Quasi, but I figure in the meantime why not see if I can get help anywhere else.  Quasi has a very nifty sight script: In order to use it, it...
  2. spiritseekerpsp

    [RECRUITING] Custodes - Pressing need for Artists/Composers

    Custodes Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   Introduction   Custodes is a labor of love, from me and my best friend.  We both have a love of the classic RPGs, Dragon Quest 1, Golden Sun, Final Fantasy 3, and the like.  We enjoy crafting storylines and new worlds, and for the past year and a half...

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nvidia release the IA paint to lsd landscape simulator
i just try , it very fun
"If the lion knew her own strength, hard were it for anyone to rule her". This would be my custom title if I had enough spaces for it. Coming off of personal pain, I'm glad I found the original quote I've tweaked.
Today I found out that ladybirds\ladybugs are apparently named for the Virgin Mary. They're also known as God's cows in some places.
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The sad reaction was not because I want you to credit me. (terms clearly say no need to credit) but because those maps are meant to be used as inspiration or guidence. You are ofcourse alowed to use them however you want :)

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