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  1. White Dragon

    "show text" too fast / slow down possible?

    Thank you TheSourceCode, this is exactly what I was looking for but it seems that this is a script for the rmvx (?). Is there also a plugin for the mv?
  2. White Dragon

    "show text" too fast / slow down possible?

    Hey guys, is it possible to let the "show text" event display the text slower than by default? The whole text is almost instant displayed and I would prefer to slow it down. Of course I am aware of the text commands like \. and \| but I am looking for a general display speed option. Maybe...
  3. White Dragon

    Terrax Lighting system

    I have one question: When I process a battle from a map with the light script on then the lights are still active in the battle scene. I suppose this is not intended. Could this please be fixed or am I doing something wrong? Thanks! :) EDIT: Fixed it with battleback change. The battle...
  4. White Dragon

    Terrax Lighting system

    Awesome und simple to use plugin, thanks!
  5. White Dragon

    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!
  6. White Dragon

    Experience Gauge possible?

    I wonder if there is a possibility to replace the texts "actual exp" and "to next level" on the status window with a coloured gauge, like HP, MP and TP. I thought that I've seen that in a screenshot in of these hundreds threads but I cannot find it anymore now. Tried the search but didn't...
  7. White Dragon

    Battle High Speed Mode Plugin

    Thank you very much, I appreciate this plugin!
  8. White Dragon

    How to remove blur?

    Yes. Right click the index.html and click "open with" and then choose a text edit program, for example notepad. Then add the lines near the end of the file between </body> and </html>. That way it worked for me. Thanks for the script, KisaiTenshi!
  9. White Dragon

    Resolution 1080p & field of view

    Thanks for the answers so far, you were most helpful. I will test all of your ideas :)
  10. White Dragon

    Resolution 1080p & field of view

    Hey guys, I totally love the opportunity in the RPG Maker MV to set the screen resolution to fullscreen 1920x1080 because the texts and graphics look so nice and sharp when viewing in native resolution of my screen (I don't like the stretched graphics resulting from lower resolutions). My...

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