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  1. Clyve

    Using icon set weapon graphics as weapon.png replacements for battle.

    Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong area for this kind of question: Is it possible to get the engine through plugins or otherwise to pull the icon graphic from the sheet in the battle system and rotate that accordingly for weapon graphics in battle? I feel that this would allow a game to have...
  2. Clyve

    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    So I've gotten the script to interact with characters the way I want, but tiles are a different story. The bottom of a tile has a collision point that is fine. The top, however, collides too high up for a lot of things. Is there a way to lower the top of a tile collision? See example of...
  3. Clyve

    Whatever happened to the official version of the first person dungeon mode thing?

    Is that completely dead now?
  4. Clyve


    This project is pretty <insert the word used to describe what beavers build with an n on the end of it which, apparently, is so horrible it needs to be censored to something idiotic that I would never say> cool, especially considering the official version has pretty much poofed. Hope to see the...
  5. Clyve

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    What is the easiest way to make physical damage that results in a 0 have an equal chance of being 0 or 1 like in DQ games?
  6. Clyve

    Which JS file handles the movement of actors during action selection in SV battle mode?

    Solved it. For anyone else wondering this, you can find it in rpg_sprites.js and it's the line: Sprite_Actor.prototype.stepForward = function() { Under which you just change the x, y, speed variables to your liking.
  7. Clyve

    Which JS file handles the movement of actors during action selection in SV battle mode?

    My bad Andar, thanks for moving the topic. What I'm specifically looking for is the area of the script that handles characters moving to the left when selecting and then performing their actions. My main goal is to get them to move upward, since I've got a bit of a Lufia/Mystic Quest battle...
  8. Clyve

    Which JS file handles the movement of actors during action selection in SV battle mode?

    I can't seem to find which one/section handles this. Specifically character movement.
  9. Clyve

    Preventing SV battlers from moving.

    Well, it turns out this is definitely the solution, but this is one hell of a daunting script to try and decipher. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction all the same!
  10. Clyve

    Preventing SV battlers from moving.

    I have no idea how I overlooked this... thank you! I'll give it a run.
  11. Clyve

    Preventing SV battlers from moving.

    I have not, and the reason is that I'm using Victor Sant's CTB engine, and his stuff is specifically incompatible with Yanfly things.
  12. Clyve

    Preventing SV battlers from moving.

    Hey guys, long time no make. I had a question regarding RMMV's SV battles. I'm using the plugin that allows you to change the location of the battlers (to mimic more of a Mystic Quest kind of battle system) and I can't figure out where/how to prevent them from sliding to the left when they are...
  13. Clyve

    Skill: Steal

    Any chance at getting the steal results displayed in a skill window like other skills using Yanfly's battle engine?
  14. Clyve

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Oh, this is a storage system! Not quite what I was talking about, but still something that complements your inventory system wonderfully. Nicely done on that. Edit:  What I was talking about is when you open a regular treasure chest and your inventory is full.
  15. Clyve

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Theo, do you plan on adding a check to exchange items when the player's inventory is full and they either open a treasure chest or get an item drop from a monster that they'd rather carry?
  16. Clyve

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    Would it be hard to implement?  I am a scripting noob, so I have no idea about what the difficulty level of something like this would be. Edit:  Completely forgot to say thanks for such a cool script.  Thank you!
  17. Clyve

    Theo - Limited Inventory

    This is so very close to something I've been looking for!  Is there a way to make each item take its own slot, rather than stack?  IE:  If you have 3 potions, they are all put in the inventory in separate slots rather than one with Potion x 3 or whatever?
  18. Clyve

    Taking requests from creators to stream their game on Twitch TV.

    Alright.  Word of warning though, the stream show is only 2 hours, so I likely won't get through the whole thing!
  19. Clyve

    Taking requests from creators to stream their game on Twitch TV.

    Alright, I love open world stuff, so hopefully it'll be a good time! Next Monday is getting pretty full, so this might show up on the 28th schedule.
  20. Clyve

    Taking requests from creators to stream their game on Twitch TV.

    Alright, I'll put your game on the schedule first.  Next Monday at 3pm PST!

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