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  1. Tagris

    Town Defense / Support Feedback

    Hello forum folks!!! I seek your insight. My current project has the PC's protecting a town. The town is reliant on the PC's as it has been cut-off and is in bad shape. The PC's can assist the town, or they can allow it to fall to ruin....or some shades of gray in-between. The town needs...
  2. Tagris

    "Why bother making a video game?"

    Thanks for all the replies. It is also nice to hear that I am not the only one that would respond with a bit of defensiveness :) hehe
  3. Tagris

    "Why bother making a video game?"

    I was recently asked this question. I didn't have an immediate answer because the question took me by surprise. The tone of the question was so dismissive and condescending that I was unsure if I needed to defend myself or actually if they were curious. Turns out they were curious! Just...
  4. Tagris

    How would you handle the Legendary Sword of Plot Advancement trope to make it more interesting?

    I think it is all in the delivery. If you know that a weapon can hurt a boss, I think it is helpful to explain why and have the characters engage in that part of the story. Also, attempting other options and failing can be a good way to make it feel more organic. "It isn't the legendary...
  5. Tagris

    New to RPG Maker MV and want advice on how to stay focused

    I would suggest working on your project daily in small amounts. I have one project that I work on everyday. Even if it is small, and I am just updating a map. Also, if you have a lot of ideas and are having problems with editing them down (or that they are conflicting) I would suggest (as it...
  6. Tagris

    A question regarding copyright

    I want to chime in. You may want to clarify the means in which the artist took the photo, it could solve this issue for you. 1) If the artist took the photo as a part of a job, then they may not actually own the right to provide you with ownership/use of the image. They may be allowed to...
  7. Tagris

    Random class

    Hello, Yes! I am going to make a few assumptions here. It sounds like at the start of the game you want to randomize the manor in which the characters scale. As in, I want to add "Black Mage" to our party, and Black Mage would have a starting strength of 8 and gain +5 every level, but if I...
  8. Tagris

    Each Character has Impact by Class

    Good stuff!  I like the ideas :) thanks for taking the time Chrispy
  9. Tagris

    ReSpawnable Event

    Hmm I think that information would have been helpful, but let me offer this: If your event pushes it based on a conditional branch that is reset by every other day, then the item will respawn and it won't matter if you skip a day.  As long as the variables are being controlled by a common...
  10. Tagris

    ReSpawnable Event

    Hm, I think you could achieve this with variables instead of self-switches... but could you share your process that is changing the days of the week?
  11. Tagris

    Each Character has Impact by Class

     A lot of great responses...specifically Chrispy your outline really helped me to identify some options and opportunities. I am filled with new idea's and options as a result of this thread.  While I don't have a response, I am interested in more dialogue about what individuals would use out of...
  12. Tagris

    Each Character has Impact by Class

    Thank you Natural and Ralpf. Symantics aside, a question was brought up about balance.  I would like to resist the urge to move the discussion there because it exists for all aspects of the game.  Skills, at their foundation, can unbalance the game...but we still give them to characters...we...
  13. Tagris

    Each Character has Impact by Class

    Hello.  I reviewed your post and it appears to be talking about skill balancing. Specifically , I wanted to review out of combat options for having characters have impact based on their class to enhance their role or their 'feeling' as that class to the player. Did you mean to link a different...
  14. Tagris

    Each Character has Impact by Class

    I am in the process of making my game.  I have 10 characters that the player chooses from to put in their party.  These characters fit into sub-groups (Healer, Magic DPS, Physical DPS, Tank, Support) with two for each role taking a variation on the idea for each character. So the two Magic DPS...
  15. Tagris

    Simple spell formula

  16. Tagris

    I'm looking for a specific kind of battle system.

    While you are editing your post.  A quick google search will show you video's of folks that have made pokemon games for XP, Ace and specific topics for MV. Also, Andars I see that you are in Germany?  I recently took a trip to Munich :)  It was amazing.  Drove around southern Germany as a...
  17. Tagris

    Simple spell formula

    Hello! I never used RPG Maker XP, but if you want an ability to do 100 damage, you can just put 100 damage. For example: Fire 1 - element type Fire Damage Formula: 100 Variance 20% Your attack will do between 80 and 120 damage regardless of the enemies magic defense stat. If you want to...
  18. Tagris

    Zombie effect like in Final Fantasy?

    You are right atreyoray!  An oversight on my part!  I was even in MV testing it as I was talking, and looking at my examples but failed to pick up on that detail. You could complete it with the damage formula like you said.
  19. Tagris

    Making Additional Generator Items (MV)

    Not to just join a post to gripe...but this is exactly what has kept me from adding parts the the generator. I have made a few custom sprites and love creating them...i just could not figure out the naming convention and how it needed to be saved to put it in the generator. I love the...
  20. Tagris

    how to make a quest like this?

    This question is asked a lot and answered a lot! :) Here is a video of someone making it. You can search for 'using variable in a quest' and find a lot of video's about it.  They will walk you through it step by step, a lot better then we could here on the forum. I hope that helps!

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