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  1. Need help avoiding 100+ parallel events

    I posted another thread about trying to make a falling platform puzzle. For the most part that's done. Player jumps on the platform, it shakes, then falls whether they're still on it or not. Now my issue is making this work for every platform on the map, since currently the parallel process is...
  2. Trying to make falling platforms, but jumping gets disabled by parallel process.

    So I'm trying to make it to where you can jump onto a platform, and if you're on it for too long, it'll begin to shake, and then drop the platform and the player, damaging them and starting them back at the beginning. That part is working great. However, I can't jump once I reach that platform...
  3. Better jumping mechanics?

    Hi guys! This is my first post, and I really don't know for sure if this belongs here, so I'm sorry if I've posted to the wrong spot. I'm using Galv's Jump Ability plugin, it works great for basic jumping around, but I'm needing to expand on it. What I want it to do is not only let you jump 2...

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