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  1. Faytless

    [Solved] assistance with Creating a transparent Window_base

    greetings, I'm pouring though the .js code to find the method or parameter to give me a transparent window base. Basically, I need hello world to be floating around without the window and any of my desired coordinates. Can someone point me in the right direction? Here is my code. var win =...
  2. Faytless

    To all whom compiled an apk, can you test something for me?

    Once installed on your device,  tap to launch your game.  Don't touch your screen -- does your BGM play?  If it doesn't tap your screen.  Does it play now? this test is only valid with projects that use the title screen and a bgm -- Thanks!
  3. Faytless

    Anyone have a project created in version 1.0 or a client still running this version?

    In the process of testing something --  If you can,  can you upload me a new project created with v1.0?  I'd really appreciate it! Also Mods,  I accidentally posted this in the tutorials section,  please delete that post instead :D
  4. Faytless

    A week late!

    I should have done this a long time ago  -_- I'm fairly new to the forums (joined last week),  but not so new to RPG maker.  I've been around since the beginning using every flavor of RPG maker.  I started with 95 and have been battling RPG maker as an On again Off Again abusive girlfriend...
  5. Faytless

    Storing MapID $gameVaribles

    Trying to store mapID into a variable,  I remember it used to be a direct call in the older version -- unless I'm blind -- i can't figure out how.  I'm using a script  call $gameVariables.setVariable(5, $mapId)   <--      This is incorrect.  $gameVariables.setVariable(6, $gamePlayer.x)...
  6. Faytless

    "Please install Crosswalk Libraries first"

    Greetings Everyone, It seems as though this issue is becoming more predominate.   ISSUE:  Launch your freshly compiled APK, and it throws an error "please install crosswalk libraries first"  then closes. I have two computers with very, very simliar specs.  One works compiles APK's with this...
  7. Faytless

    WORKAROUND: Android Tinting not working

        (Work Around) Android Tinting is Broken, How do I fix this? Unless this has been fixed,  Mods please delete this. When using tinting on android,  one of the values in RGB will not work, resulting in a poop color tint as of 10/29/2015, this is a bug in RMMV. There is a way to go around...
  8. Faytless

    Are we able to store FPS in a variable?

    Sorry if this has already been posted,  Not search came positive for this answer. Thanks in advance.
  9. Faytless

    assistance with location of function (messagebox/faceset)

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for the location of the function(s) that handle message box,  specifically face set placements and such.  Any assistance is appreciated :D Thanks!
  10. Faytless

    Android/iOS - (TL:DR) Converting your project using the MANUAL METHOD

    10/28/2015   A new tech demo was uploaded to the store that will give you options to see how your device will lag under certain events that take alot of resources ( i.e. animations, sprites, weather, etc)   It was uploaded at 5:30am PST,  will be available by 10AM PST Today   Version 4 Toms...
  11. Faytless

    TUTORIAL: The Absolute Basics of Plugin Making

    This will only cover the BASICS of plugin making.  I will add more to this when the video is up ( i.e. how to pull params from the user to use in your plugin) A video will accommodate this in a little bit.  You will NOT become a level 99 Warlock after this... maybe. a level 5 Wizard?. Anyways...
  12. Faytless

    Tom's Title Skipper

    Tom's Title Skipper V1.0 Thomas Pham This plugin will skip your Title call  Features -Plug and Play - Skips Title and goes to your first Scene How to Use Drop the .js file into your plugins folder.  Go to your plugin manager and make sure it is switched to ON.  No parameters to adjust/...
  13. Faytless

    *Updated* Android/iOS - Converting your project with Intel XDK / Uploading to Google Play Store

    RPG Maker MV Tech Demo/Benchmark with XDK Released on Google Play store Please read the description of the application Update 10/25/2015 12:15AM You can now download the tech demo by looking up my name on the...
  14. Faytless

    Noob Questions about Scripting

    Hey Guys... I'm slowly getting the hang of how scripting works in RMVX Ace,  but am having an issue, Im running a very basic script when i walk over a tile window =,4,300,50) window.contents.draw_text(4, 0, 180, 32, "Obtained a cool Item") however, this new window and...

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