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  1. The weakest parts of RPG battle design?

    Just because you have strategy, does not mean you will win. It's all about the timing of the skills, usage of items, knowing when to guard or when to re-buff. Yes the game is still pretty laid back, but some people just want to relax and not be stressed out because they missed out on attacking...
  2. Do guns fit in a medieval kind of setting?

    Yuppers, the Medieval era had Culverins, Muskets, Bombards and Cannons
  3. The weakest parts of RPG battle design?

    My issue with turn based RPG's is usually the pacing. I hate having to wait for a lengthy battle animations to finish after seeing it a lot... (Disgaea series anyone?) The option to Guard! While it can be useful (I often abused the regenerative effects in Legend of Dragoon) I think guarding...
  4. What are you working on?

    Learning how to use VX ACE, teaching someone else how to use what I understand and thinking up a plot to expand my little demo world... I kinda fell in love with the character I created for it xD
  5. Hello Hello!

    I don't want it too die! *casts protect*
  6. Hello Hello!

    *touches Etph's cookies* Muahahahahaha! *falls over* I highly suggest not sleeping and staying awake with sugar and energy drinks for a whole day.... I had to because of work, but I feel like crap now @_@
  7. What was the first game you played?

    Hmm... I think it was Bubble Bobble, The Legend of Zelda or Kid Icarus The first game I ever actually loved and beat? The Legend of Dragoon xD
  8. Hello Hello!

    Hi-Diddly-iddly-ho Neighborino's! I am Alys and I'm lost! Stupid birds keep eating my bread crumbs.... Excuse the sillyness, I'm running on little to no sleep, energy drinks and cookies. I am a long time RM user, starting off with XP back in 05/6. I never really made anything though as I was...

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