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  1. B2tR

    Why don't you sell your game? How can I change your mind?

    Haha, just googled it, funny acronym :D I'm currently working on a free game. My process of thought is that it's not really a good idea to start off with a commercial project. Especially if you are new to the program (which I am not), i doubt that you can create anything worth money, especially...
  2. B2tR

    The Portal (A NEW Mystery Adventure Game) - Chapters #1-3 Released!

    Hey, I've played both parts of your game... The first part, I don't really like. While the idea is just fine, solving puzzles and all, it really is just 'click everything', there is no real logic behind which stuff is important to click and which's not. In some vessels, there are notes, in...
  3. B2tR

    Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    Your stuff is amazing! Thank you for providing us with such nice resources. Beautiful work, really!
  4. B2tR

    Game & Map Screenshots

    It's just too much green :D the houses and the grass and the tree all blend together and it makes it really hard to seperate the objects visually, it becomes kinda blurry.
  5. B2tR

    A'kara: Silhouette

    Hey, You game project looks really good so far. The mapping is nice and the story sounds interesting so far. I like the characters' bios too. Looking forward to see more of it and will play the demo!
  6. B2tR


    Great screenshots you got there, the lighting looks really cool and the tilesets are also great. I'd really like to hear more of your story and the characters, your synopsis seems really short, but decent so far. Looking forward to hear more of this project, keep up the good work.
  7. B2tR

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @jaydee15: I think the shades/light look really good. The map is quite empty as you already said, but the shadows have exactly the right density. Keeping stuff in the dark but still visible.
  8. B2tR

    RMVXA Vermilion - DEMO v1.0 released 28 Jan 2018

    The story sounds interesting and I got to admit, the graphics are beautiful. You are definetely a skilled mapper, I really like the indoor screens, they are simple but classy. The character faces are also very nice! This is a project I will keep an eye on, it looks really promising. Keep up...

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