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  1. N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture

    Hi, try to copy this line:  * @param Window 30 Picture Name  * @desc Name of the picture in the img/pictures folder:  * And this one: Nasty.Param.PicWindow_Obj[string(Nasty.Parameters['Window 30 Object Name'])] = String(Nasty.Parameters['Window 30 Picture Name']);   Don't forget to...
  2. DMV Map Buttons

    Thank you a lot ! Can't wait for that !
  3. Online Highscores

    Thank you a lot, I'll test that as soon as possible :)
  4. DMV Map Buttons

    Hi ! Thanks for that Plug-in ! I wonder if it's possible to have an other iconset with we can set in the parameters, with the size of the icons too ? Or can you add it please ? It would be great to not being limited by the size of the default icons :)
  5. Online Highscores

    Hi, i'm very excited to use this plugin, but if it's possible, i'll need help to add a little option: I'll like to multiplicate the high-score by the difficukty set by this plugin : Is it possible ? Can you help me...
  6. Enemy Levels

    You're awesome ! Can't wait for that !
  7. Enemy Levels

    Hi, thanks for this amazing Plug-in ! Do you plan to integrate some possibility about the xp and gold ? Maybe a formula like gold=lvl*AMOUNT And Xp=level*AMOUNT Or the possibility to define our own formula but based on the level of the enemy ?
  8. [SSG] Difficulty Setting

    First, thank you for this awesome Plug-in ! Could you please add an option to multiplicate the score of this plugin: Based on the difficulty ?
  9. FFP_BaseStats

    Thank you, it solve the problem ! :D
  10. FFP_BaseStats

    I haven't touched the plugins or the parameters yet :) I think you will hate me :P First, I need to say that all my activated plugin work together without any bug. The disabled ones means that they create incompatibility issues or that I don't need them anymore. Yours is at the end, and...
  11. FFP_BaseStats

    Hi, thanks for that, it's a good idée and i'm planning to use your three plugins :)   But i found a bug and i can even acceed to the title screen:  type error: cannont read property "3" o undefined I(ve this in the console: TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of undefined     at...
  12. In-Game Manual

    Thanks for this plugin !! Is it possible to duplicate it? I'll like to have one as an in game manual, and the other one as a diary ?
  13. In-Game Manual

    Thanks for this plugin !! Is it possible to duplicate it? I'll like to have one as an in game manual, and the other one as a diary ?
  14. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    It's done, and I have exactly the same error :/
  15. SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    Hi, I have a problem when i try to harvest something... :/ I'll try to give you the maximum of informations, I hope you'll can help me ! :) This error pop in the console at the same time (no error before trying to harvest: My plugin...
  16. Save File Extras

    I've disabled your plugin and the issue occur again, I just can't save... It's not due to your plugin, but i'm very anxious about how to solve this.. :(
  17. Save File Extras

    Hi, It's awesome ! I can't wait to have it in my game. But, with your plugin, when i try to save, it give me this error: and it doesn't save.  If you want some information to correct this issue, it will be a pleasure to answer you, cause i really want this plugin to...
  18. The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    Hi, I'm usign the DMV stat distribute plugin too, and to me, it simply doesn't show. Before activating your plugin: After: And 0 bug in the console. Can you help me with that ? :/
  19. Hospital Core

    I'ts what I've done :/
  20. Hospital Core

    Hi,  I have a problem with the plugin. I've correctly loaded it, after the "core" plugin of yanfly, i've put the correct event with the correct command, but when i'm using the "action button", nothing happened. I have the debug console open, and it shown nothing, 0 error. Can somebody's help ?

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