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  1. ougitou1

    Help with scripting windows with a close button

    hello world, I would like to make a request of sorts. I would like to create a window with a little x button in the corner to close said window. If anyone could create a rough script with this it would help me a lot. As I would be able to extract other info from the script. Thanks for the...
  2. ougitou1

    help with manipulating windows.

    hi i've been having trouble with this fer a while now and it seems that i'm no closer to solving this issue so ill ask for help. how does one manipulate the visibility of windows through script and is it less costly to hide it or disable it to turn it on again when needed. thanks i appreciate...
  3. ougitou1

    Sims gba

    Firstly im ougi and id like that ask a question, among us developers. //link\\ Personally i loved the games and was very sad to see how much it was pretty much ruined after leaving the gba console.
  4. ougitou1

    help with data manager

    hello, im first, ougi or whatever hmm call me ougi anyway, ive been trying to do this for a while and it seems that im regressing nstead of progressing so ill ask for an outside opinion on the matter. *inhales, wait, exhale* ok ive been trying to pull a variable from Datamanager, 'i think its in...
  5. ougitou1

    Please Help, drawcharacter not working as it should.

    Ok ive been stuck for a while now and ive just now thought of a solution. Naturaly since my code doesnt work as intended the problem must be on my side hence why im here. I need your collective help to recreate a small section of the code. It should be simple enough. A window with 3 selectable...
  6. ougitou1

    Proper way to make row window from window_selectable.

    <Hi guys, first here... um i was wondering if anyone knows of a way to properly make a row window using window_selectable. I've tried and succeeded but im getting weird errors and i'd like to know why. I figured that the errors must mean i've done it wrong, hence me asking. So if there is...
  7. ougitou1

    Drawcharacter not working??!

    ok everyone, first here... well firstly is anyone else having the same problem?? By problem I mean the draw character method in window base does not seem to work for window selectable if there are multiple Columbs and only one row. Ok this is a big problem for me as my menu is of the same...
  8. ougitou1

    Disabling the onclick method..

    hello all first here I was wondering, er better yet I have a question, is is possible to disable the onclick method temporarily for a certain method for a window? See I have a certain menu that I’m making and it needs to have the default cursor but without the clickability. I’d like to disable...
  9. ougitou1

    Masking is it possible and how's it done?

    Hello all I was doing a little coding a while back and noticed that I could really create some cool stuff if only I knew how to create and call alpha masking images in a scene using js. I know pixi allows it but i don't know how to use it. So if there is anyone that knows how to accomplish this...
  10. ougitou1

    Free music

    Terms of Use & Credit  Credit: Invisible Black Non-Commercial: Free  (Credit must be presented at begining or 'if' at the end or project. in one for form or another.) Commercial: Free except where otherwise stated  (Credit must be presented at begining or 'if' at the end or project...
  11. ougitou1


    Terms of Use & Credit  Credit: Invisible Black Non-Commercial: Free (Credit must be presented at begining or 'if' at the end or project. in one for form or another.) Commercial: Free (Credit must be presented at begining or 'if' at the end or project. in one for form or another.)...
  12. ougitou1


    Hello there, I just finished something and i just wanted to hear others' opinion on it. Not quite sure if they're usable at all but here's the link; . You may use it in your commercial or non-commercial rmmv...
  13. ougitou1

    Saving custom variables

    Hello all, a random question;  how does one go about saving custom or better yet global variables?
  14. ougitou1


    Hello all. Is there anyone here who is familiar with processing.js and if there is, is it compatible with rmmv? 
  15. ougitou1

    Game title-screen recreation

    Have you ever wanted to mimic the title screen of a game you yourself enjoyed? Well you're in luck simply post the title and console of the game you'd like to recreate the title of and to what degree you'd like to have it copied and I'll explain and help you  to recreate it. (This doesn't...
  16. ougitou1

    help with window problem plz?

  17. ougitou1

    Info needed any input very much appreciated

    Hello everyone,  Firstly i just want to say that this is NOT a plugin request. It is simply a shout out to people who may have the know how to get certain variables pertaining to the game. in other words is a variable request, sort of. eg. Player position x and or Player position...
  18. ougitou1

    Scripts and resources, etc necessary for an awesome game

    Hi all here is my list of things (scripts, music, images, icons and tips) necessary for for an awesome out-of-the-box game that people will undoubtedly have mix feelings about completing (after being hooked and pulled all the way to the end of course).    1. A professional look and feel. ...
  19. ougitou1

    Question about scene_file

    Hello all I have yet another question... Is It possible to get all info in scene file like playtime ect and store them in a single var? Eg a 2d array, with the data for each index instance of files in scene file?
  20. ougitou1

    Simple questions

    Hello all :)   i knda have two questions that seem simple enough, but for whatever reason i can't seem to solve or find the answers on my own. Hence why i'm here. i'm just gonna toss them out there; firstly : how do i find the current map id or the id of the map that the $gameActor is...

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