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  1. LazierBandit

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    I've recently started working on some sprites using Candacis' MV Sprite + and was hoping for some feedback as I'm new to spriting.   Fairly pleased with how he's turned out so far, but wondering about the contrast / shading and how that looks once he's in game. Any tips / feedback?
  2. LazierBandit

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Enhanced TP looks like another great, almost must-have addition to MV projects. Thank so much, Yanfly.
  3. LazierBandit

    Equipment Learning

    Yay! This script has made my week!! I've been really hoping someone was going to make this in MV. Perfect. Thanks, Moogle!
  4. LazierBandit

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Loving all of the plugins, and the rows is going to be really useful! Quick question - apologies if it's obvious, I've had a look in the Plugin settings and help files etc but can't seem to find the answer... is there a way to increase the space between the battlers? I'm using Holder's MV...
  5. LazierBandit

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    @Miss Nile: Thanks a lot! Glad you like the maps. I knew I had forgotten something with the shadow pen!! I usually add in my shadows afterwards, 'cause I've disabled autoshadows (because sometimes they misbehave) but the shadow pen doesn't show up and I have to overlay them in. I will see what...
  6. LazierBandit

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Thanks for the advice on the arena map I posted guys. Here's an updated version, with the stairs at the spectator levels evened out. Hopefully that makes it look a little less flat. I will also be changing the doors, but it's only just occurred to me that I forgot to do that before taking the...
  7. LazierBandit

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Galenmereth that looks fantastic. Really love how smooth and professional it looks. Comic book bubbles in general look cool, and the added movement of the choice box and sound effects work great. Top stuff
  8. LazierBandit

    The Resource WIP Thread

    @EliteZeon that looks pretty good. If you follow the tips that others have mentioned, I think it will look great and less flat, hopefully fixing the perspective issue you mentioned. --- I wanted some more variance in the tiles in my game in terms of angles - everything was a bit too square...
  9. LazierBandit

    Game & Map Screenshots 6

    Some really good maps in this thread! Definitely giving me some inspiration. I'll try and write some comments on individual maps when I get time! Here's a shot of what I've been working on; a gladiatorial arena. I try to use mostly the editor, and added some details in parallax (the crowd at...
  10. LazierBandit

    AEA - Charge Turn Battle System

    Sorry for the bump... Someone asked before but no answer... is there no way to access the party menu or escape during battles? I can see that the script does refer to Escape speed etc, but surely there's no real way of having escape if there's no party window?
  11. LazierBandit

    Can't find "low wall" from Steam screenshot in Samurai pack?

    Thanks for the help Indrah! Will have to check that out and set something similar up :)
  12. LazierBandit

    Can't find "low wall" from Steam screenshot in Samurai pack?

    Ah well, thanks for trying! If you did want the Samurai pack, I'd advise getting it on Steam whilst its on summer sale for ~75% off in the daily deal today.
  13. LazierBandit

    Can't find "low wall" from Steam screenshot in Samurai pack?

    I thought that too, and thought I had found it. Here's a screen grab from a map I threw together to illustrate the problem. As you can see the floor is the same style tile, but if you move from the wooden floor to the stone beneath it, you can simply walk onto it, whereas there should (ideally)...
  14. LazierBandit

    Can't find "low wall" from Steam screenshot in Samurai pack?

    Hi guys. I got the Samurai pack in the Steam sale, and in one of the screenshots from Steam, there is a low wall on one of the platform floor tiles as in the below image: Now, I imagine that this wall divide (on the raised wooden platform) would stop the player walking from the wood onto the...
  15. LazierBandit

    Limit Break

    Apologies if this counts as a "necropost" - it seemed the most appropriate place to put this request. Is there any chance you could add functionality to play a Sound Effect when the Limit skill is added to the command list? I've tried to work out how to script this myself, but with 0 knowledge...
  16. LazierBandit

    Press button to guard?

    Thanks for the link, Eschaton! The script looks cool, however it isn't precisely what I was looking for. Rather than changing the way "guard" works, the button press script I remember using a while back simply let you press Shift to guard as normal, as if you had selected it from the menu. I...
  17. LazierBandit

    Press button to guard?

    Hey guys, I remember finding a script years ago (probably about 2012) which let you press a key such as shift to guard, rather than having it cluttering up the command menu. I've searched for all I'm worth, but can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm probably being daft and massively overlooking...
  18. LazierBandit

    Game & Map Screenshots

    @Rimmintine: I had a similar problem to you in a map I did recently - I thought the middle looked empty. But really, people quite often have a bit of floorspace to walk around in and such. What I found helped was putting down a rug in the centre of the room. It manages to offset the "sea of...
  19. LazierBandit


    The screenshots look really good. One or two of the plot details remind me a lot of Silent Hill 2, but that's a good game so nothing wrong with that. The two characters Dorian and Henry, have we an Oscar Wilde fan in our midst? If so also cool, if not a funny coincidence. The mapping looks...
  20. LazierBandit

    In Search of Dragons

    Playing through this at the moment, just defeated the first boss. Really enjoying it so far. Highly polished, the difficulty level is spot on and it's well written. I know I'll be annoyed when this demo ends. Loving the idea of the shared universe, too.

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