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  1. Multicast

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    Hi! Don't know if this is still up&running but i'll try :kaoback: Name: Blaze 1. FaceSet: 2. Spriteset: (MV RTP Style) 3. A "Default Line": " What do yà need fella? ":kaoslp: " You should introduce yourself before asking people's name " :kaophew:
  2. Multicast

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    Hello everyone! I have some questions about this topic, since I really like these sprites (and that's what I was looking for ...):  - @RavenBlackbird Could you tell me who did this job for a proper credit? If i'll finish the game I'm working on, I would like to give the right space to them...
  3. Multicast

    Rule 14

    Oh, thats because i was twelve yo. It's not a long story, but with a friend we start playing Ogame long time ago, and we formed an alliance. At first was really small.  Then we allied with each other around to form a big clan, but with it, comes more responsibilities towards other members, or...
  4. Multicast

    Share your childhood fears

    Never heard about  fable of the scissorman in the first post, but it is actually interesting. Is that in the common folklore, right?  Back to the main topic, insects disgust me. When i was a child my fear was the dark and spiders (a common arachnophobia). Grown up, i don't fear anymore...
  5. Multicast

    Rule 14

    Hello everyone. I've checked already forum rules. Yes, i did. Long time ago, and now again. Probably i still miss something. I kinda hate forums from the time people uses them.  I know that probably i shouldn't ask it. "Its a trap..! " - Captain Akbar keep saying this to me, everything...
  6. Multicast

    RPG Maker VXACE and MV Damage Flow

    This will help alot! Thank you! (i think im gonna print this and place to a wall  :unsure: )

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