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  1. Derpypollockninja

    Summer Quest

    Norton likes to react to harmless things. MediaFire even mentioned it: An executable file is a file in a format that a computer can directly execute. Although most executable files are safe, these formats are the most commonly used to transmit viruses and infect computers with malware...
  2. Derpypollockninja

    Guess I Should Show Myself

    I have the same, "horrible tendency." But, a way I fix this is I give myself a deadline to do something, like a boss battle for example. Let's say I have to create a dinosaur or something. This includes finding and importing the graphics and all the fun jazz. I would tell myself, I need to...

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Stream will be live shortly! Going to start with some Minecraft spriting, and might switch mid-stream. Depends~ Feel free to drop by!
MushroomCake28 wrote on Finnuval's profile.
Glad to see you're back! I was wondering what you've become! It's been a while since we spoke to each other!
zachb wrote on Human_Male's profile.
I know this was months ago, but I don't completely understand the lunatic states program (how you set it up). I just want to apply a stone state (and death) to a character after x amount of time. Can you show me an example of how to set it up?
Wish I could respond to @CraneSoft's latest profile post, but it does remind me. Anyone else out there who likes the Souls series not because of draconian git gud difficulty, but because of its melancholy atmosphere and various cool medieval equips?
I wish I had multiple displays!
one screen feels like using a small table, and the way i usually do things I have a lot of stuff open ...
So annoying !

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