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  1. What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    That's why I suggested a new engine, one that is not focused on a single genre, having the ability to make any kind of popular genres, not just typical jrpg like games. I know that it has no chance of happening, it's nice to dream tho.
  2. What One Thing In RPG Maker Would You Like To See?

    Instead one thing in MV, how about a new engine with the ability to make a few type of games, such as rogue-likes, strategic turn based, card games, click based games, instead of being focused on rpgs, not saying rpgs/jrpgs are bad, but the diversity is lacking here, i've seen some awesome rpg...
  3. Yanfly's Event Spawner, how to call multiple times?

    Thank you very much, it works <3
  4. Yanfly's Event Spawner, how to call multiple times?

    I'm currently copy pasting the same script call in order to have multiple events on a map, is there a way to write it down in a single line? here is the script call: Yanfly.SpawnEventInRegion(1, 3, 1, false) I want something like: [n]Yanfly.SpawnEventInRegion(1, 3, 1, false) n - is how many...

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