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  1. Character sprite style

    I'm still kind of undecided on whether I want to use the sprites I've already made with the MV generator. I'm not that good at making sprites without using pieces from other sprites, and it would be nearly impossible to redo the battlers. I like how the MV sprites look more detailed than sprites...
  2. Selection not working

    When I try to select multiple tiles in the editor, or by right clicking on the map, only one of the tiles will appear when I place it. This just started happening randomly, it didn't coincide with adding any new plugins or anything. The only thing new is a lot more tilesets, but even those were...
  3. Screen is blurry while playtesting

    It looks like this even without resizing to fullscreen, and it was just like this by default. The only plugins I'm using are Khas's core, graphics, and lighting effects plugins, but I was having this problem before I added them. sample screenshot from editor: the same tiles look like this while...
  4. lab coat sprite

    I'm looking for MV sprites, with SV, TV, and TVD animations. I would prefer if they were pieces I could add to the generator, but if that would be too much work to make, just the sprites would be fine. The character I want to make looks like this (this is my painting) though the colors look a...
  5. Futuristic Heroes sprites

    I'm considering buying this, but I prefer the SV animated battlers, and I was wondering if this pack comes with those? It says it has "sprites in standard RPG Maker MV asset style", so does that mean it includes them? I did not see any in the video or images.
  6. Resized sprites, too fuzzy?

    I made the sprites I was using in VXAce (though they are XP styled) bigger for MV using this: which apparently produced better results for other people, I guess because the style of sprite I was using was not ideal for it. I really don't want to have to...
  7. How to fix editor screen size?

    I just downloaded the trail version of MV. The screen looks like this, even in fullscreen. In the pictures I saw, it looked the same normal size as with VX ACE. What's wrong with it; is it just because it's the trial version? It's really inconvenient and hard to see, and I don't want to buy it...

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