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  1. HuntingSwan

    HP Bars in Menu Decreasing from Bottom

    Hi guys, I'm using the vertical hp bar option in my game.  Here's a screenshot of what my menu looks like: http:// The problem occurs when my characters lose HP.  The bars start decreasing from the BOTTOM and not the top, so it ends up looking like this: http:// I tested this in a blank...
  2. HuntingSwan

    African Safari Preserve and Resort Resources!

    These are mind-blowing!  Can't wait to buy them from the dlc store!
  3. HuntingSwan

    Save Me a story of mystery and horror, apparently confused, but with a lot to say,

    Hey I streamed a bit of this game if you want the feedback (not much).
  4. HuntingSwan

    Clarity's Edge Development

    Hey Zael, glad the video was useful!  I think this game has great potential!  You clearly have a very professional attitude towards your game's presentation and I'm excited to see the project evolve! Do you have a twitter or something, I'd love to add you to my contacts.
  5. HuntingSwan

    Dry Fate

    I did a Let's Try on this, here's the link if you're interested
  6. HuntingSwan

    Clarity's Edge Development

    I did a feedback video on this, here's the link
  7. HuntingSwan

    Scent Of Roses {Completed0

    I did a Let's Try, here's the link
  8. HuntingSwan

    The Hallway-A short atmospheric horror

    My Let's Try link
  9. HuntingSwan

    Demon Hunters

    Hey Little Paw! I streamed this on my Twitch!   Thanks for making this, it was cool to experience! Here's the youtube vid: 
  10. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    I tested it in game too, this was for my IGMC 2015 game Kazimir.   Sure: Unfortunately it only gives you one line of info though, about line 1839 of the Implementation script.
  11. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Thank you.  Let me know if you need any clarification about Theo's battle system.
  12. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    I'm not a coder but I understand what you're saying about a not being resolved before b is called. Could you take a look at the file please?  I would greatly appreciate it! <3
  13. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Yes, you see that's why I actually split the attack into two sequences that chain between each other, rather than just one sequence that chains into itself repeatedly, I was worried about the loop thing. I discovered that stripping away all the code apart from the timed hits and damage lines...
  14. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Ah that's interesting Engr, since I coded two sequences that chain together as long as the user has TP for it. It's not infinite though for that very reason, and I find it strange why a chain of 16 is the limit.
  15. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Hi, Kocka, the prompts are xbox pad by default. They correspond to D and A on the keyboard.  A(prompt) = D  Y(prompt) = A Thank you for helping! Yes, I researched and that seems the most common source of the error.  However I'm pretty sure I dont have duplicates.  I passed the test project to...
  16. HuntingSwan

    Shadow Fate

    Woohoo someone streamed the game!  Check it out, on HARD mode ;)
  17. HuntingSwan

    System Stack Error

    Hi guys, I have a scripting problem I can't resolve. I'm using Theo's sideview battle system, and have implemented a combo system where the player can chain together various attacks. However, reaching a combo of 16 hits will crash the game with a 'system stack error - stack level too deep'. I...
  18. HuntingSwan

    Shadow Fate

        Welcome to the Shadow Fate demo page!   I thought I would post this project here, as I am busy with another game at the moment and wanted to make some progress with this one as well.   Experience turn based rpg combat with side view chibi style battlers!   Enjoy the dark yet humorous story...
  19. HuntingSwan

    The Last Girl on Earth - Winner of the Indie in a Week Contest

    Looks awesome!  I will play this when I'm done with IGMC games!  Good luck mate!
  20. HuntingSwan

    [IGMC 2015] Kazimir

    Oh awesome thank you Jeff!   Thank you for the feedback and I'm so happy you liked it!   You really seemed to appreciate all the effort I put in and that's so cool. I watched the video.  LOL Also I subbed to your youtube, can't wait for part 2! I'm looking forward to some epic combos!   ;)

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