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  1. Nohmaan

    Can't purchase from store?

    I'm trying to buy the Animations: Quantum from the store, but it won't process my payment. I tried 2 different cards, but each time it just says there is an error? Seems to be working fine anywhere else on the internet, just can't purchase from your site...?
  2. Nohmaan

    Request - status effect Lucky Immune

    This request is for a status effect that when active, if the player is inflicted with a negative status effect they have a chance (defined in note tag) to have a positive status effect applied instead. The tag could be set up like <lucky_immune:50%> <lucky_negative_states: 3,4,5>...
  3. Nohmaan

    Request - status effect Shadowbind

    This request is for a new status effect called Shadowbind. When executed, a target becomes an anchor and attaches to all remaining enemies on the field.  When damage is done to the anchor, a % of that damage (defined in note tag) is dealt to all attached enemies until the shadow bind effect...
  4. Nohmaan

    Helping Hand

    I'm using all the Yanfly scripts, but I think something that might be a fun addition is the random chance that an ally in your reserve party will 'jump' into the battle, cast a skill or ability that person knows, and then leave the battle.  Yanfly has a script for actor...
  5. Nohmaan

    Stoneskin /Damage Wall State

    I've been a pretty frequent 'status effect' requester lately, so I hope one more isn't a burden!  (Thanks to those who have answered previously!) By activating 'Stoneskin' state, your character gets a pool of extra HP that the state absorbs before it disappears.  For the purposes of the script...
  6. Nohmaan

    Blink State

    This is one I don't think I've seen before w/ the visual effect but worth a request with MV and Side View being 'baked in.' What I'd like to request is a blink effect, which is a state that applies 'shadows' to a character.  While the # may be customizable, the general effect is when Blink is...
  7. Nohmaan

    Skills that Toggle

    Is anyone interested in a script that creates Skills that can toggle a State? Example:  A mage has a state that nullifies all magic that hits them, including healing spells.  The state is induced by using the skill 'Void Barrier' (or whatever) and removed by using the skill a second time.
  8. Nohmaan

    Hide Skill if another skill exists. (Skill replace)

    Now that Yanfly has released the Skill Learning system, I would like to be able to have 'upgradable skills' but I would like them to replace the prior skill. For example: I learn Fire 1.  After a few levels, I go back and learn Fire 2 which has some additional bonuses.  Now I have available...
  9. Nohmaan

    Battle Camera Drift (Yanfly Engine)

    I was wondering if it was possible to have an enhancment to the Yanfly battle camera.  This would have the camera softly "drift" to indicate action during the turn selection phase or while waiting for ATB bars to charge, such as on a boat or train, or perhaps a final boss battle in fast moving...
  10. Nohmaan

    Add new weaponsheets

    Apparently RPG Maker MV can only have the 3 weaponsX.png (img\system) and you can't add more.  This is a major pain point as I detest having weapons graphics look the same for all weapons. That being said, could someone create a script that expands the weapons sheet limitation.  Considering...
  11. Nohmaan

    Add additional WeaponsX.png to project

    I've searched but can't seem to find what I need- How do I go about adding several new WeaponsX.png sheets into RPG MV?  I've saved them in the img\system folder as Weapons4 Weapons5 Weapons6 but they don't appear on my User Defined list. Thanks!
  12. Nohmaan


    Most of my damage formulas use exponents, but I'm not familiar with the syntax for JavaScript to do so? So, for example, how would I make a skill that does a.atk**0.75 ?
  13. Nohmaan

    Calc damage in skill description

    I'm looking for a way to show a skill's damage calculation (w/o variance) to display in a skill's description.  So essentially the skill has a name and under it will be stats that show the variance, damage, and element type (etc.) I'm trying to...
  14. Nohmaan

    Special Slip Damage

    I'm looking for a status effect that can inflict slip damage on Current HP/MP/TP values.  For example, say a boss inflict the party with a status effect that damages the actors severely if they heal, but the point would be to purposely keep the player's HP low for added challenge.   For example...
  15. Nohmaan

    Skills that level (automatically)

    There are some skill upgrade scripts up there but it would be nice to have one that automatically levels skills. By either exp or usage. i,e, Fire (x damange single target)   after 40 uses levels to Fire II Fire II (x damange 2 random) after 60 uses levels to Fire III Fire III (x damage all...
  16. Nohmaan

    How much are development tools worth?

    I am finishing development of some comprehensive Excel / Access tools which will be a complete suite of easy to use and customize development tools.  I am curious what the demand is for said tools and how much users would be willing to pay for these (the amount of time spent in developing the...
  17. Nohmaan

    RPG Maker XP Remasted (sounds bad still?)

    I was looking at purchasing it but the samples all have points where it sounds terrible.  Just god awful.  (Case in point, Dungeon2 @ 0:36) I read that they were "aware of the issue" and going to fix it but I'm not in the mood to...
  18. Nohmaan

    Fomar ATB additional feature This ATB system works well with Yanfly's battle engine but one feature I'd like is the ability to add a casting time (since the cooldown script won't work with ATB).  I am just looking for another level of balance to high level magic skills. Essentially, once the...
  19. Nohmaan

    Hide skills unless subclass

    I've been trying to write an eval for this and can't get it to work.  I'm using Yanfly's Class system and his Hide Menu Skills to try and accomplish the following. I need it to hide the skill if the user's class isn't the one intended UNLESS that class is the subclass equipped. i.e.  Have...
  20. Nohmaan

    Weapon Edits/Originals

    First post here, and figured I'd try and contribute. I've started doing some weapon edits and recolors to give more variety to the graphics in user's games. I've started with some basic sword recolors and will be adding more to the list as I finish. Credit is optional on the recolors, and...

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