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  1. Anarcho-paladin

    Skill that reduces target's TPs

    Hey there, I'm looking for a way to create a skill that would lower the target's TPs. I already found this on this forum but it requires javascripting skills I don't have... I also know there...
  2. Anarcho-paladin

    How t do: Automatic row adjustment for a character

    Hey there, I'm using Yangfly's Row Formation plugin (, with which I built a simple two rows system. Most characters I have in the party can be pushed towards the rear row or pulled towards the front row by enemies, or choose to make those moves by...
  3. Anarcho-paladin

    Problem with battlers' positioning using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin

    Hi everybody. I get the same problem Sauteed_Onion reports here, but it is not created for the same reason (ie I don't add any new character to the party during combat). I'm using Yanfly's Row...
  4. Anarcho-paladin

    Sacrifice skill: hurt an ally in order to attack an enemy

    Hi everybody, Sorry if this has been asked already; I tried different search inputs, yet couldn't find anything, but I'm not sure those search inputs would be the right ones if such a thread did already exist... Anyway, I'm trying to set a "sacrifice" skill, which would deal damages to a...
  5. Anarcho-paladin

    Tint screen color code to html

    Hey there. Not sure if this is the right place to post this... I'm trying to reproduce the "Dark" preset tint screen command (R: -68, G: -68, B: -68, Gy: 0) using the Terrax Lighting System, which uses html color code. So, I'm looking for the html color code to reproduce this "Dark" effect. I...
  6. Anarcho-paladin

    A way for a battler to counter when another battler is attacked?

    Hi! I'm looking for a way to have a battler (bodyguard) to counter when his allies (protectees... can I say that in english...?) are hit. The way I understand Yanfly's Counter Control plugin, this option doesn't exist. From the help file: There may be a language issue here, but the way I...
  7. Anarcho-paladin

    Double and triple attacks get through Taunt

    Hey everybody, I've installed the Yanfly's Taunt plugin in my project, which is working great, except for two specific skills that can pass through it: double attack, and triple attack respectively. I double checked my stuff before writing here...
  8. Anarcho-paladin

    Where to learn coding synthax

    Hey there, another newbie question here... I was wondering where I could learn some basics in synthax coding; I'm presently trying to implement Yanfly's Counter Control plugin in my project, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to use the notetags correctly. Sorry for asking; I know I...
  9. Anarcho-paladin

    Twin attack: How to

    Hey there, Two characters in my present project are sisters and I would like them to have a combined "twin" attack, like Palom and Porom in the old Final Fantasy 4. In such an event, selecting the combined attack for one battler automaticaly sets the action for the other battler to, which then...
  10. Anarcho-paladin

    Yanfly Core Engine makes all texts invisible

    Hi there, Just redicovered this old project I started with when I first got MV (it was the 1.0.1 version back then...). I started to work on it again, with the new 1.6.1 version, and all the nice plugins that came out since 1.0.1, but as the thread title says, when I activate the Yanfly Core...
  11. Anarcho-paladin

    Two opposing parties?

    Hi everybody, Not a big user of this forum. Anyway... The game I'm currently working on presents two opposed parties I want the player to play, on chapter the first, the second chapter the second, and so forth. I've been looking for a way to separate items and equipment for the two parties...

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