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  1. Ispguy

    Trouble With Saving Using Plugin

    When I attempt to save with the plugin active it makes the buzzer noise, whatever you would have it set to. If I load a save made when the plugin was off, the game loads normally, the plugin is non-functional, and saving is impossible. I did change some parameters, just to alter the rate at...
  2. Ispguy

    Trouble With Saving Using Plugin

    I am currently making a short rpg horror game. I felt inclined to add a stamina system so that the player can only run for so long before having to let it recharge. I used Silver's Dash Stamina to achieve this. The problem is when using the plugin I can no longer save the game. I've tried...
  3. Ispguy

    Yanfly Chase Player Plugin Glitch - MV

    Okay, so I've managed to fix it. The problem was that I was using Galv's Diagonal Direction Plugin, and the default RPG Maker sprites have no diagonals, despite me turning the diagonal sprites off in the parameters. Is there a way to fix this while keeping diagonal movement?
  4. Ispguy

    Yanfly Chase Player Plugin Glitch - MV

    Here's what the issue looks like: SpritGlitch1 is what happens when it turns right. SpriteGlitch2 is what happens when it turns left.
  5. Ispguy

    Yanfly Chase Player Plugin Glitch - MV

    The problem is, it IS one of the default sheets.
  6. Ispguy

    Yanfly Chase Player Plugin Glitch - MV

    So, I'm trying to make a game with monsters that roam on the overworld, and chase the player when they see them. Once the enemy comes into contact with them, the battle begins. Sort of like newer Dragon Quest games or the Mother series. Yanfly's Event Chase plugin seemed like an easy solution...

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