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  1. Arck

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Very good! Great job boy!
  2. Arck

    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    Good job man, but the MEGA is bad for download for mobile user. Atropelled
  3. Arck

    Random Art Thread

    A litle drawing make with paint tool sai

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Saying overused tropes are bad is like saying I - IV - V - I chord progression is bad.
I swear, the last 3 weeks I haven't felt like helping people at all. No idea why, even if I know the exact solution they need. Might need to harness my inner @Shaz or something. :LZSexcite: :thumbsup-right:
Look, I get that it's illegal, but...
It just happen we got P7 as booth number, so i draw Girls Frontline's P7 in this
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