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  1. ♥ azura ♥

    Hundreds of tiny files in game directory?

    I created a short VN with VNMaker shortly after its release with the intent of releasing it for browser through Unfortunately, I was not able to do so, because denied it for having over 500 files in the directory. 500 files, I thought to myself, how can my little 15-minute VN...
  2. ♥ azura ♥

    Game is starting from the beginning instead of quitting. (Resolved)

    Hello everyone! I've been excited to work with VNMaker, and I'm been impressed so far. Here's the only problem. I'm running into a really annoying glitch; I can't quit the game! When I press "quit", the game starts playing again from the the intro instead of closing. I have absolutely no clue...
  3. ♥ azura ♥

    Greetings everyone~♪

    Hi there, everyone! My name is Azura, and I'm working together with a friend to make a fantasy horror game (the title is undecided right now, hehe). We were working in VX but I've downloaded the trial of MV and we hope to purchase and use that instead! I'm foremost a writer and composer, and I...

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Transferring over the character creation to MMO MV is going okie-ish, but slow~ Mainly image assets reformatting/reworking I have to do to work in this engine is a pain. XD At least the MMO battles works pretty well so far! Woop woop! :kaoluv:
At this point I'm sorta convinced that the joke "they mix something in the cafeteria food" may be true. Like, every single person seems to be dozing off in class right after lunch...
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