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  1. SteveDaCheeze

    Followers Freedom

    Not to sure this is the right place to ask this question... But I just wanted to know if there is like a plugin or a certain 'trick' to make followers have their own freedom. What I mean by that, is they aren't stuck to follow the main player everywhere, but can wonder around all by themselves...
  2. SteveDaCheeze

    RPG Maker MV Start issues

    Yeah that was the problem. Thank you Shaz. It work perfectly fine now.
  3. SteveDaCheeze

    RPG Maker MV Start issues

    Well I'm having trouble with my rpg maker mv activation. I've tried this twice now but every time I start up mv it works fine. Then kicks me out. I try opening it up again and steam is telling me updating has been disabled? Try to look into this problem doesn't let me. So I uninstall and...
  4. SteveDaCheeze

    AP - Stat Distribution

    The Souls game use a attribute system instead of a experience system to their games. So instead of gaining experience from slashing down enemies, you instead get a number of points call souls. You use those souls to level up your vitality (health), Endurance, strength, Dexterity, resistance...
  5. SteveDaCheeze

    AP - Stat Distribution

    Hey Alistair, Thanks for this awesome Plugin. I was just wondering if there any way I could use it to make in similar to the souls games (Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborn etc.) if not that's okay. I'm still planning on using it.
  6. SteveDaCheeze

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    @Meep007 Thank You Meep. :)
  7. SteveDaCheeze

    Meep's MV RTP Edits/Recolors

    How does one acquire these Beautiful resources. Plus I will credit you in my current game (just to let you know).
  8. SteveDaCheeze

    Raneg error?

    Oh thank you. It was that. I had two of the same scripts but they were both called something completely different. Cause at first I was like "no there's no 2x scripts". But one script that had the same exact script as another was named something different. Thank You very much bgillisp. I...
  9. SteveDaCheeze

    Raneg error?

    Each time I playtest the game. or Battle test the game? The screen appears with a "rangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" ?? what? I image it's about the scripts. But I really don't know? Someone explain this techy talk please. And Thank you.
  10. SteveDaCheeze

    Zelda Style Map Transitions

    Thanks Jeremy. I was actually looking for something like this. I was in the process of making a plugin, but I'm glad you made one instead. I'll be sure to credit you in my rpg.
  11. SteveDaCheeze

    Different use for Experience?

    So I'm going to have to manually make a plugin. *sign* Oh well. Thanks Zarsla for the information. And thank you Jeremy for letting me know about Yanfly's Job points plugin (funny thing I monitor his webpage but never even knew about his job point system). I guess I got some work to do. TT-TT...
  12. SteveDaCheeze

    Different use for Experience?

    I was just wondering if the player could manually chose what paramter they what to level up instead of when they level up all the paramters level up as well. Kinda of like Dark Souls but instead of souls, the player use the amount of experience they have to level up their paramters. I sure I...
  13. SteveDaCheeze

    Profile picture no show?

    *facepalm* I should have know that was the problem. Well thank you Shaz for helping my adventure to understanding why my profile selected picture URL won't upload. Well I guess I'll be a no face picture person until I make a profile picture. For now people will have to use their imagination. ;)
  14. SteveDaCheeze

    Profile picture no show?

    I'm using a URL of DevianArt. Unless that's the wrong URL I'm suppose to use? ;_;
  15. SteveDaCheeze

    Profile picture no show?

    I'm so confused. I've try adding my own picture and using an URL for my profile picture. Yet it doesn't show? Someone please inform me what is wrong. I has no idea. *bad grammar is bad*
  16. SteveDaCheeze

    Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    Thanks Flirion. :) I'll be sure to credit you even if you say no need too. ;)
  17. SteveDaCheeze

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    Nice job Cvrtis. These are really amazing.
  18. SteveDaCheeze

    Mu's Character Gen Pack (V0.007 Wrinkles and Eyebrows?)

    Awesome Work Mutationlvori! Must have been a lot of work to get something like that.
  19. SteveDaCheeze

    The Gradient Code Color

    So. In my search of how to change the color of the eyes in Character Generator. I didn't find anything usaful to my solution. But I did find how people change the colors for both hair and skin. So I did a little investingating myself and I made this Picture graphic explaining how the gradient...
  20. SteveDaCheeze

    I messed up part of the generator and I have no idea how.

    If you added additional parts, you made have label the additional parts wrong. I would know cause I had a similar situations but it was with the eyes. I label it FG_Eyes_p19_c1_m002 instead of FG_Eyes_p15_c1_m002. Because the last eyes that are given in game is FG_Eyes_p14_c1_m002. So check...

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