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  1. JaeJaeCee

    In Need of Several (Currently 4) Custom Sprites

    Resource Types: Sprites for RPG Maker MV To Include: TV, TVD, and Face. Please make TV first, I understand that the Face Sets will take the longest. Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV RTP Description: There are four characters in total, as these are a group of organized NPCs. I'm calling them The...
  2. JaeJaeCee

    Looking for Flame Sprite facesets

    Resource Type: Facesets for MV Maker Format: MV Art Style: MV/Cartoon description: I would like face-sets made for the MV !Flame fireballs (blue and orange), as well as the following hue-shifts done by SmashArtist. i would like several faces for each one. Each face just needs to be eyes are...
  3. JaeJaeCee

    SV Enemy Battler(s) Request for MV

    Resource Type: MV Enemy Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: as close as possible to MV's normal enemy battlers Description: I would like two enemy battlers for MV, created based around the images of the two characters below. they are child characters, so I would like them to be maybe 1/2 to 3/4...
  4. JaeJaeCee

    Outside Editor

    I have a question. I asked this in my personal feed and got a few helpful, personal responses but did not get an actual answer to my question, so I am posting it here. Quick note to the mods, please feel free to move this to the proper thread if this is the wrong place for this question- I...
  5. JaeJaeCee

    Carbunkle and Cat edit Requests

    Resource Type: Characters and Battler edits Maker format: MV art style: as close to original pictures as possible. description: I would like three edits in total. The first is an edit of the original files available in MV. I would like a character face edit of the cat from the Nature set. I...
  6. JaeJaeCee

    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    Resource type: Tileset, outdoor Maker Format: MV style: MV package recolor description: I would like yellow recolors of the road tiles available in the MV tileset to use in a game based around the Wizard of Oz. I would like it to be set up like the prefab Outside tilesets that you would see...
  7. JaeJaeCee

    MV Child Hospital Gown and Head Bandages

    resource type: Face, tv, tvd, variation style: RPG Maker MV Description: child hospital gown, and slightly bloody head bandages that wrap around while still letting hair show. Cannot cover eyes. Need face, damage, and character sheets for all, as well as variation for recoloring.
  8. JaeJaeCee

    RMMV L.A.N.I.

    This game was made for Touchfuzzy's 1 map challenge. Synopsis: Screenshots: I only used 7 events and 9 switches for the game... Genre: I would think that this is Visual Novel, as most of the story and interaction is through text Characters: L.A.N.I. Download Link
  9. JaeJaeCee

    Has anyone seen VX Ace Generator Parts for MV?

    I had been dinking around with VX Ace before Christmas, on my grandpa's computer, but when my family surprised me with a computer for Christmas, I switched over to MV... I had SEVERAL characters that I adored in the VX Ace project, and i would love to rebuild them the way that they WERE, in MV...
  10. JaeJaeCee

    Comedy and Tragedy Masks- Generator

    resource type: Generator accessory piece maker: MV specifics: please include all pieces- face, sv, tv, tvd, variant Comedy mask for female. Tragedy mask for male. Dark eye holes and mouth opening. Do not want any face visible behind the mask. Full masks, please. NOT half-masks. It is up to...
  11. JaeJaeCee

    Looking for Monochrome, Short-sleeved turtleneck (striped)

    resource type: generator clothing pieces maker: MV black, white and brown horizontal stripes, short sleeves, turtleneck shirt. black jeans as the lower clothing piece. boots. I have no good reference photo.
  12. JaeJaeCee

    Vertically Striped Rainbow headband

    resource type: Generator piece maker format: MV requires Face, SV, TV, TVD, and Variation pieces, please. C-sheets as well. reference: It would also be helpful if you can do it for male, female and child.
  13. JaeJaeCee

    Living Fire Avatar/Generator Grillby parts

    I had an idea last night that maybe someone out there might be able to pull off a flaming avatar that could be used in the extended generator to create a race of lave people... Resource Type: Character parts, Icons, and Battlers Maker Format: MV Art style: MV RTP, with sprite graphics, face...
  14. JaeJaeCee

    RMMV Iliza

    Iliza SYNOPSIS Iliza is a game that will follow the story of a young girl, through her life and onwards. The basics: she discovers that she is a witch, and is set to attend a school that exists between worlds. The long of it: Her aunt wants to use her to get to a gem that would allow her to...
  15. JaeJaeCee

    Need SV Enemy Battler for Generator character

    Resource type: well-drawn SV Battler Maker Format: MV Style: as close to the enemy art already available as possible- not sure how to classify this... realistic/rtp? Description: Use the woman below to create a dark witch SV Battler that can be used... the artist has creative freedom over any...
  16. JaeJaeCee

    Extra Icon Sets

    I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to create several Icon Sets that I could use for items involved in a crafting system. These icons would be used in MV... They need to be for the items involved in the crafting system, and the items that would result from the crafting system. Current...
  17. JaeJaeCee


    I have a small question concerning creating craftables for players. How would I go about making it possible to take items in the players inventory, and turning them into a potion at, say, a stove or a cauldron?
  18. JaeJaeCee

    Flamepoint Siamese Edit

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV Format: edit of the readily available Cat face image in MV The eyes should be ice blue with a ring of green around the pupil. I would like a Kitten face and an Adult face... Reference image for Kitten: reference image for Adult: It would also be...
  19. JaeJaeCee

    Broke my character generator

    I was trying to download resources for the kids section of the generator and broke it- icons are not for the correct one and sets will even be overlapped. I downloaded MV through Steam originally, and I have no experience in IT at all- How and where can I find the original Eyes file for Kids, so...
  20. JaeJaeCee

    Need Flame-Point Siamese Cat and Kitten

    Resource Type: Character Maker Format: MV Format: based around the already available MV Cat... description: -Face Images for both Adult and Kitten -Battler character for Adult- none required for kitten -Damage character for kitten, and adult -Overworld character for adult and kitten. Kitten...

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