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  1. Yummytiger22

    Run common event on level-up?

    Thank you both so much! I really, really appreciate it. @Magno: I was just happy someone put something together and was trying Lecode's script when I realized the issue with more than one party member :-). I was actually redesigning things to make that work, but you fixed that problem. All I...
  2. Yummytiger22

    Run common event on level-up?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone would have a suggestion on how to go about having the game run a common event every time the player levels up? I'd like to have messages (kind of like Morrowind) when the player levels up detailing how the player has grown. I've manually adjusted every...
  3. Yummytiger22

    Help Designing a randomized search event

    Wow, you guys are awesome. Although, my heads hurts a bit right now trying to wrap my mind around all of this. I think it will be clearer once I start trying to implement it. If I understand what Tsukihime is saying, I am assigning a number to each hole, then throwing the 10 numbers into an...
  4. Yummytiger22

    Help Designing a randomized search event

    Thanks for the replies! Yes, Kanax, I was aiming to have the treasure be in different holes each time. The player will do this event a total of three times throughout the game, and I want the treasure locations to differ each time. Kvich, thanks! That is kind of what I was thinking, although...
  5. Yummytiger22

    Help Designing a randomized search event

    Hello, I was hoping someone with a little more skill might look over my current event design and tell me if it is the best way to implement this idea. Overall Event Goal: To create a series of 10 search locations, with 5 of the 10 locations randomly containing treasure. As the player searches...
  6. Yummytiger22

    Help with the "Help" Window :-)

    Thanks for the replies, and sorry Shaz, I did not see this sub-forum. I looked through the scripts section, but only saw the ones for completed scripts. Thanks for moving the thread. @Sixth: Perfect! Changing "line_number" to "3" worked. I did find this prior to posting, but I changed the...
  7. Yummytiger22

    Help with the "Help" Window :-)

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there was an easy way to change the number of rows displayed in the "help" window inside menus. I'm assuming the window at the top of the item, skill, equip menus which displays the item/skill name and then a brief description is the "help" window. Currently...
  8. Yummytiger22

    Blackmorning Scripts

    Make sure you downloaded the pictures attachment from Blackmorning's  VK Equip webpage. You can find a link named "default body images" about halfway down the page. You need some sort of equip image for the script to work, otherwise there is no image for the script to use. Once you download the...
  9. Yummytiger22

    Napoleons Script collection

    Wow, excellent collection of scripts. Awesome work! Thank you.
  10. Yummytiger22

    Celianna's Tileset

    Hello, First, thank you for these tilesets. They are great. I have a noobie question for you. How do I get the autotiles to prevent movement? I imported these tilesets into A1 through A5 and they seem to work fine, but even when I block passage in the database menu for the selected tile...

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