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  1. Spanky

    Question about creating the actual game file for MV.

    Hi! =D I've used VX Ace a ton, and I don't know if I'm going insane or not, but I could have sworn that for that software, when you export your actual game, the end result is a single, compressed exe file. And then you have to extract that file to get your game. In MV, what I'm getting is the...
  2. Spanky

    Just making sure, but erotic games aren't allowed on this site, right?

    I know the project development forum says no R18+ games, so erotic games would fall under that category.  Or maybe it's cool and I just don't realize it? I know there's a lot of erotic games out there made using RPG Maker.  I myself am making one, but I'm thinking I'm not going to be able to...
  3. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

    Added a new Let's Play at the end of first post.  :3
  4. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

    Just logged in since you posted that, shayoko.  Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you actually enjoyed enough to play through the entire thing.  It's always good to get any kind of input, since I know a lot of people have played the initial starting Rushlight Inn part, but not a lot of people have...
  5. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

    Oh well that's good, lol.
  6. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

    Thanks for taking a look.  And yeah, sadist fan service is good.  =P But your con list is slightly confusing, because in this game, you DO end up playing as the "bad guy", who is Red.  At least, in her current form she's villainous.  The game is all about how she gets to that point.
  7. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

    Oh and also, here are some Let's Play videos by vahndragonwing: Part 1: Part 2:
  8. Spanky

    Goddess - Demo Available

      There's some artwork to get your attention.  :3 Hello and welcome!   I first bought RPG Maker VX Ace last summer, during the Steam Summer sale.  I went crazy with it and started on a big project, and I even posted it on this forum in the Early Project section.  Several users here helped me...
  9. Spanky

    Why does this flame event behave this way?

    Thanks guys!  :D
  10. Spanky

    Why does this flame event behave this way?

    Note the flame on the right side of the red roof.  The top goes through the piece of roof above this.  This also happens with some other tiles, like the tops of those thin trees.  Why does it do this?  Any way for a fix?
  11. Spanky

    Melody of the Last Canary

    Artwork looks great.
  12. Spanky

    How to change unarmed attack animation for only one character?

    That worked perfectly, thanks!
  13. Spanky

    How to change unarmed attack animation for only one character?

    I've got a simple situation but I can't figure out how to do what I need to do.  The basic animation when you're unarmed is one that resembles a few punches.  And that's good for human characters.  But in my project you acquire a wolf party member, who doesn't use weapons at all.  So when he...
  14. Spanky

    Tips for making a "mechanically fun" RPG?

    Use boulder-pushing puzzles!  :D And slippery ice puzzles, where you go flying across the screen when you step on a tile!  :D
  15. Spanky

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    There are certainly a lot of noobie mistakes... But I think I'll go and create my maps on the run, gaining EXP with practice and getting critics. So I can become a better mapper to redo the first ones. Until I reach level max :) . [/SPOILER] Point out newb mistakes please.  >_>
  16. Spanky

    Game & Map Screenshots 3

    I can think of a few pracital and logical reasons for a mirror above the bed.  >:3
  17. Spanky

    Intra Mundum (Demo available)

    So those lamps in the pub are from the victor light engine?  You can't really get that throbbing glow effect with khas awesome lights, right?
  18. Spanky


    What script did you use for the sunshine graphic effect?
  19. Spanky

    The First Rebellion - [Updated 12/5/2014]

    Sucks you lost your project data.  This is why I always back everything up on a thumbdrive every once in a while!
  20. Spanky

    Disrupting Fate (Demo available!)

    No pictures?  :3

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