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  1. Newbie js question

    waow. Thanks, I didn't know about the quotes. This will make things so much easier.
  2. Newbie js question

    yeah it is. known as the modulus operation.
  3. Newbie js question

    First a disclaimer, I am new to javascript so I don't know whether it works. However, % should be a modulus operation. I haven't seen what I've done on here before, but essentially what I'm doing is using one variable to represent many variables or "game progression states". I'll say first...
  4. Newbie js question

    Oh I figured it out. I was using the value function with a capital letter. I had if( $gameVariables.Value(1) % 2^($gameVariables.Value(2)) < 2^($gameVariables.Value(2) - 1) {} instead of if( $gameVariables.value(1) % 2^($gameVariables.value(2)) < 2^($gameVariables.value(2) - 1) {} Nothing...
  5. Newbie js question

    I've been trying to get something to work, while learning js in parallel, but it seems (to me) that I am missing some syntax particular to RM, so I thought I'd just come out and ask. I need if( (variable1 mod (2^(variable2)) < 2^(variable2 - 1)) {} which is obviously too complex for the...
  6. How do parallel events use resources?

    Got it, thanks
  7. How do parallel events use resources?

    I learnt far more about it than I thought I would, thank you all. I have definitely taken on board all you said, but I wasn't sure of the meaning in one of them: Do you mean using self switches so that you cycle between pages?
  8. How do parallel events use resources?

    I've typed a fair bit of stuff below, but a simple way to ask the question is actually: Do parallel events run every frame? Probably just the answer to that is all I need. Imagine I have an event that triggers a cutscene if you go to a certain location while having at least 50 unique items in...
  9. < Variable Pool .. is this even possible? >

    How's this: 1. Parallel event checks hero region, compares to previous (May cause 2. to happen), then stores as previous (regions corresponds to rooms) 2. Comparison showing difference transfers monster to the right room, sets a AliveCheck variable to 1 which is a condition for event page...
  10. Thanks for your help working on passability. I got the sprite working. Now I'm just limited by...

    Thanks for your help working on passability. I got the sprite working. Now I'm just limited by my ability as an artist. That's bad, really, but you were a massive help!
  11. Automatic dialogue whilst player walks

    Gotcha. What I was meaning though, was that if your character goes to a new map, and all the text has loaded but the message box hasn't disappeared yet, then on the next map it would show the same message again. I was thinking though, if you run a "wait" in parallel, you could time the...
  12. Walking between low and high areas/event graphic manipulation

    I didn't even realise that the tiles in triplicate were the same tile but in different stages of the animation. This is a huge leap forward. Thanks!
  13. Walking between low and high areas/event graphic manipulation

    Thanks, makes sense Edit: Oh I actually found another way, which eliminates the need to change passability, but you still need to move part of tileset Ax into tileset D. the shift-mapping can be used to make the exit tile like the centre of the high ground, and then you make an event over it...
  14. Automatic dialogue whilst player walks

    Interesting, is there any way to make conversation increment if all the text is printed, but not require you to actually press the button to close the text box?
  15. Magic spells of varying levels

    This isn't really a direct answer, but when you use skills they often have damage calculated by something like 100 + 2 x a.mat, which means as your magic attack increases the damage of the spell increases. You can give an amulet a trait that increases the actor's magic attack, or increases...
  16. Walking between low and high areas/event graphic manipulation

    I had a lot of extra information that wasn't really relevant, and basically my question wasn't solved. I made a new map so I can better ask the question. 1. Is there a way to make it so that you can walk from the starting position directly east off the cliff. Not scripted or a "jump"...
  17. How can I make a selection system?

    This community is awesome.
  18. How can I make a selection system?

    Check the branch where it says that the value is 0, and make sure within that branch it also sets the value back to 1. If that doesn't help then I would have to actually look at the tutorial and your events.
  19. Walking between low and high areas/event graphic manipulation

    I'm fine with shift-click-mapping. I can get auto tiles to look however they want...when they are actual map tiles. I'm asking if you can somehow do the same when you use them as the event graphic. I altered the D tileset to show the correct subset of A tiles, but picking a particular...
  20. How can I make a selection system?

    How many ghosts will there be in the game? If there are 3, I'd even be happy to write it for you. It's a bit tedious for 5-6 and if there are more I imagine even the most enthusiastic conditional brancher would be scripting/wishing they could script. I'm a newbie to rpgmaker but the scale of...

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