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  1. Pureflamme

    Why my character doesn't die ?

    It worked ! Thank you all for your help ! I apreciate ! :)
  2. Pureflamme

    Why my character doesn't die ?

    Great ! So what should i do then ? :)
  3. Pureflamme

    Why my character doesn't die ?

    Thanks for your replies :) How can i access status effect ? I could have change them but i'm not sure of that. And can you tell me how can I access Immortal State option ?
  4. Pureflamme

    Why my character doesn't die ?

    Hi ! I'm experiencing an issue with the combat system. With event battles or random battles, my character does,'t die, even if get hit after reaching 0 HP. As you can see in the picture, the game over screen doesn't come and the battle continues. If needed, i'm using these following scripts...

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