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  1. thalesgal

    Screen Resolution issue (mobile phones)

    Hello! I'm having a little problem with the game graphics. I would like to ask for help, maybe someone has been through this and can help me! I read some threads here on the forum about resolution. And I saw that a lot of people like 1280x720. So I made my game 1280x720. But I had some issues...
  2. thalesgal

    It's possible to store FPS value in a variable?

    Hello guys I would like to know if it's possible to check the average fps of the player. I know that FPS oscillates a lot, but I wondered if maybe I could store its values in variables, (I would store like 50~100 variables xD) and then I would be able to average these values. Thank you very...
  3. thalesgal

    Remove faster forward function

    Hello! Please I would like to know if it's possible to remove the "fast" function. When in game, if some movement route or autorun event are running, if the player press and hold the "ok" button everything goes faster. It's a nice thing, but it's messing my game on mobile phones because the "ok"...
  4. thalesgal

    Enable Multitouch with a plugin

    Hello! I would like to ask for help to enable multi touch on RPG Maker MV. I'm working to release my game on play store. It's 99% done \o/ But the gameplay it's kind of weird because of the one button limitation. As my game is ABS the player need to attack and walk at the same time. I've done a...
  5. thalesgal

    I need help: Players, store page, price, game, trailer...

    Hello! So I finally managed to finish my game yeeey!! It was not easy to create something from scratch, so after a lot of work (A LOT XD) I could manage to finish my game \o/ The feeling after create a entire game was very pleasant ^^ Then, after finishing it, I was able to publish it on...
  6. thalesgal

    Prevent follower to gather when player jumps

    Hello guys! When the player jumps for any reason, the followers immediately gather in the same position. I wonder if there is a way to disable this natively so that they never do that. Follower control plugins don´t work for me because I already have some common events running that already...
  7. thalesgal

    AudioManager.bgmVolume = 100; issue

    Hello guys! I'm having a problem trying to replace the SceneManager.push (Scene_Options); script call. I created a menu that the player can choose different types of presetings audios. Each option will have a custom volume amount. I do this through this script call: AudioManager.bgmVolume =...
  8. thalesgal

    Tale's Casino Escape (Available on steam)

    TALE'S CASINO ESCAPE SYNOPSIS: Tale's Casino Escape is an ABS (action battle system) adventure RPG. All the qualities of a good RPG have been combined and applied at Tale's Casino Escape. Here are some of the game's features: - PET SYSTEM EVERY enemie can be your PET. By killing an...
  9. thalesgal

    System Requirements for my game

    Hello! I would like to know if there is any way to measure the requirements needed to run my game. I have a good desktop PC and whenever I test my game it runs at 144 fps. Sometimes when there are a lot of things going on, it drops to 130, 120 fps. But, if I play using my notebook, which is an...
  10. thalesgal

    Save a range of switches and variables. And then restore them.

    Hello guys, after a few months of development, I pretty much finished my game. Given this, I thought of making others game mode. Like "HARD" and "VERY HARD" For that, I thought about turning off all switches and variables. and copy and paste (ctrl c, ctrl v) all the maps that I created. Done...
  11. thalesgal

    Change CT values (increase from 100 to 120)

    Hello guys! I would like to know if it's possible to change the CT settings using a script call during the game. I would like to increase the MAX CT using an item for example. Then, this item will increase 20% of the MAX CT and the player will have 120% CT instead of 100% for example. In...
  12. thalesgal

    Events and/or parallel process range

    Hello guys, I realized that the events don´t get activated when they are a little bit far from the player. For example, if you create a parallel process in a 30x30 map, and put this event at the botton right of this map, it will not work. Only when the player get closer. (closer I mean about 15...
  13. thalesgal

    Sell shop Plugin (simple one)

    Hello guys! I would like to ask for a shop plugin that only sell things. It must be a simple one. No "Sell" and "Cancel" buttons. And no "Items", "Weapons", "KeyItems" and etc buttons. Like Deactivate categories. The shop should go directly to a window that shows items/weapons/armors. All in...
  14. thalesgal

    Sell shop from SRD -> Show only items that the player has.

    Hello guys! I need some help on this sell shop plugin from SRD. This plugin was made to help people that only want a sell shop, but it shows all the items which can be sold, even if the player has 0 of that item/weapom/armor. I think he uses the "buy" session to buid the sell session... I...
  15. thalesgal

    ''To Next Level'' to a variable

    Hello! I saw that it´s possible to store the current EXP of the actor in a variable. But I would like to know if it´s possible to store somehow the "to next level" value to a variable. Thank you very much in advance!
  16. thalesgal

    Round a formula

    Hello guys, I would like to know how to round this formula: $gameParty.members().forEach(function(m){ m.gainHp(0.15*(m.mhp)); m.gainMp(0.15*(m.mmp)); }); I´m getting 0,5 numbers somethimes... I tried $gameParty.members().forEach(function(m){ Math.ceil(m.gainHp(0.15*(m.mhp)))...
  17. thalesgal

    Save file 05 conditional branch

    Hello guys! I would like to know if it's possible to do a conditional branch to check if the save file number 5 exist. I already found "DataManager.isAnySavefileExists()", but this script only verifies the savefile in general. I would like to check for the savefile 5. Thank you very much in...
  18. thalesgal

    Conditional Branch for System Pictures

    Hello guys! I´m having a big problem with a plugin that sometimes the pictures just disappear!! This plugin creates buttons on the screen so the player can touch then to play the game on a mobile phone. BUT! Sometimes, when the game becomes too full of processes to read, the images simply...
  19. thalesgal

    Multi-touch and improved DIR PAD

    Hello guys! I was wondering if there is a DPAD that looks like most mobile games. I mean, in most games these days, directional pads looks like this: I searched the forums and only found directional arrows. And, I would like to know if there is any way to enable more screen touches at a...
  20. thalesgal

    Ex-param add/sub script

    Hello guys!! I would like to know if it´s possible to add/subtract evasion, critical rate, and etc from an actor using script. Thank you very much in advance!!

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