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  1. Kemezryp

    Script call for changing enemy state

    (couldn't find it in ) Anyway, I need a script call that will make enemy of index v[26] get a state of id 37. Tried few things but didn't work. Thanks!
  2. Kemezryp

    Equip Armor from Scene_Item? (using YEP_ItemCore)

    Hewwo! Title says everything. I want to make it possible to equip armor from item menu. It's just annoying when player enters "Item" category and has grayed-out "use" option after selecting armor piece. I need it only for armors, not necessarily weapons. Screenshot shows my issue perfectly:
  3. Kemezryp

    Script call that will change image opacity without moving it?

    Title says everything, but if someone is interested in my problem: I'm trying to make a nice title screen for my game. Selected option is highlighted by 2 images shown on this picture: Both of them move at the same time when player presses up or down to change an option, but the white one is...
  4. Kemezryp

    Multiple Weapon/Armor Types Plugin

    When entering "Weapons" or "Armors" tabs in database, we can see a "Weapon/Armor Type:" option. I need a plugin that will allow me to give specific W/A two of those types with notetags, so I can equip one of them to two different spots. So why won't you just use Yanfly/Hime Equip Core for this...
  5. Kemezryp

    Open menu while message is on screen.

    Hello! I recently started making Visual Novel game in RMMV. I began with searching for plugins I would need for it, including YEP_KeyboardConfig and YEP_X_ExtMesPack1 (I do have Message Core). After configuring everything, I started looking for plugin that would allow me to open menu at any time...
  6. Kemezryp

    How can I check if target of the skill is an enemy?

    So, I have got skill that changes variable to the enemy's id and index (order in troop starting from 0). This is the formula I put in the Damage tab: $gameVariables.setValue(1, b.enemyId()); $gameVariables.setValue(2, b.index()); 0; ...and it works perfectly! But then I installed YEP...
  7. Kemezryp

    GCH: Portfolio Edition - How can I add own parts to the generator?

    Hey! I made some parts that I want to use in GCH:PE but this is confusing for me. So I made part for battler image. It has to remove player's eyes and it should work well but it seems like generator thinks this is 
  8. Kemezryp

    How to make skill that deal Physical and Magical damage?

    I want to make skill that deal physical damage and then magical one. I am using some Yanfly's plugins so I guess Lunatic Mode would be the answer. Also I am using Action Sequence Pack (custom skill animation (jumping, running etc.)) so it could be also a little problem i guess heheh... Any...
  9. Kemezryp

    If enemy HP is more than "x"...

    Hello! I have a problem with making boss fight. To win fight, you must HEAL enemy. I'm using Yanfly ElementAbsorb to make enemy heal when attacked. I've made something like this: Turn 0 - Change enemy HP -999 I want to make later something like "If enemy HP = 1000, then transform...

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