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  1. RachelCantFocus

    RMMV Confused Chicken

  2. RachelCantFocus

    Cupcake: an Apartment Adventure

    Cupcake: an Apartment Adventure PLOT A short but sweet game. You are a baker living in Sugarlake apartment complex. On a whim, you made some cupcakes and now the only question left is what to do with them? Will you eat them? Will you share them? Will you throw them off the roof? There are...
  3. RachelCantFocus

    Whats your pokemon fusion?

    Hello! I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and thought it would be fun to bring it over here! Basically you go to the page and the pokemon that appears when you load the page is your starter! here's a link to the pokemon fusion site!! I got this one! I...
  4. RachelCantFocus

    RMMV A N T

    A N T SECTION A: SYNOPSIS YOU ARE AN ANT W O R K This is a short game based on the facebook group "A group where we all pretend to be ants in an ant colony" I've posted the art I made for my game here if you want to use it for your own projects. IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD LINK
  5. RachelCantFocus

    A N T art assets

    Hey! Here are the art assets from my recent game A N T. Fell free to use them for whatever, commercial use is fine, just make sure to credit me. And maybe give my game a play? Sprite Sheets Faces Tiles
  6. RachelCantFocus

    Slime Sprite Sheet

    I made a slime. I call him Jelly Slime. I hope someone finds it helpful!
  7. RachelCantFocus

    Piglet sprite sheet

    I was going through some old pictures on my phone and found this beauty. It was one of the first character sprites I made and I thought I would post it here since I'm not using it. If you use it I'd love to see your project when you're done, this sprite is probably only good for non-commercial...
  8. RachelCantFocus

    Hello World!

    Hello World! I'm a long time lurker who only recently made an account! I just discovered this thread today so I thought I would introduce myself. Hello, my name is Rachel, I've been using RPG maker(VX Ace and now MV) on and off since a friend introduced me to it in high school. I love drawing...
  9. RachelCantFocus

    RMMV [DEMO] Cupcake: an Apartment Adventure

    Cupcake: an Apartment Adventure SECTION A: SYNOPSIS This is a Demo for the upcoming game, Cupcake: an Apartment Adventure, a game where you the player uses 6 cupcakes to unlock a plethora of goofy endings. This demo is set in the main character's apartment ( the first room) and contains...

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