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  1. Woratana

    MV Unused Resource Scanner Plugin

    Everytime I am creating new project in RPG Maker MV, 300+ MB resources are automatically copied to my project folder. While it's true that we can manually remove the unused file by hand, it is quite error-prone process. And sometimes I just want to create quick demo for tutorial that doesn't...
  2. Woratana

    Is there any downside for aliasing in JavaScript

    Hello everyone, When I was writing my first plugin yesterday, I have gone through several other plugins to see how to write the code properly. In RGSS, I am always aliasing method to make it less likely to crash with other plugin. In JavaScript, I saw Yanfly's plugin doing alias with something...
  3. Woratana

    Anyone looking for fog plugin in MV ? I need your opinion

    Hello everyone, I believe fog is definitely the missing function from the old day of RM2K to make beautiful map. I have made one for VX (and Necromus ported it to VX Ace: Good news is I have managed to create...
  4. Woratana

    Skill HP Condition - "Enable this skill when HP is higher / lower than 50%"

    Skill HP Condition Version 1.0 by Woratana Introduction There is too much work load at the end of the year and I can't seem to find time to play with RPG Maker MV much :( My friend asked me if there is a way to "enable specific skill when HP is lower than 50%". I thought this is a good idea...
  5. Woratana

    [Tutorial] What's new in ECMAScript 6 ?

    Hello, Since everyone is now talking about ES6, I just found this article and thought it might be useful :D I am also reading it now :) BTW if anyone have used ES6, please let me know what do you use for...
  6. Woratana

    MV Beginner Tutorial: How to Play Testing your game like a Pro This time I decided to create quick video tutorial for beginner. I need you guys' opninion. Please kindly let me know if it is hard to understand or not :) I have also summarized the video on my blog...
  7. Woratana

    MV Video Tutorial - Add Enemy Book (Pokedex-like) to your game

    Hello everyone, I just finished creating this 3 minute tutorial video, which took me about 4 hours to create the video and upload it. This is my first video tutorial. I tried to create video that is easy to follow, clear, and quick enough that it doesn't take you guys much time away from...
  8. Woratana

    How to use this waterfall tile ?

    Hello everyone :D Not sure if I am the only one who stuck about this. I can't seem to find a way to use this waterfall tile. It also comes with transparent background. I might need to use it with parallax image ? BTW parallax images in MV are from the old version :/ I recognized them all haha
  9. Woratana

    Huge discount for RPG Maker MV on Steam

    Not sure if someone noticed this, but RPG Maker MV in some countries are 50% off on Steam. (Detailed post here: Many countries in Asia (including my country, Thailand :D ) got 50% discount. While Russian get 70% discount - only $20 for them) What...
  10. Woratana

    Principles of HTML5 Game Design

    I found this interesting article and thought that you guys will find it useful ! :D RPG Maker MV can be exported to HTML5 version, and they should use <canvas> element mentioned in this article (since someone said they...
  11. Woratana

    Actual JS code from RPG Maker MV

    I think this would be good to know for everyone who want to prepare their JS knowledge for RPG Maker MV. Reference: In order to learn about these things, please don't rely on W3School since some information are inaccurate (see this website for...
  12. Woratana

    Hello :D

    Hello everyone, My name is Woratana. I'm new here and have never used RPG Maker VX Ace before since it cannot run on my computer TT Nice to meet you :)

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