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  1. alaky

    Change event z-index to be above the parallax?

    I've been using ESTRIOLE's snipet to define some characters above overlays, but the "window tint" will not affect the events with the zmod comment added on them. I would like to know if it is possible to still keep them above overlays and yet be affected by the window tint (I use galv layer...
  2. alaky

    Use MogHunter's Battleback_Ex in Galv's Actor Mini Duel

    Oh thanks Sixth! Appreciate the answer! Do you know someone that can edit Galv's script to do this? Truth to be told, all I want is to add the wave effect to the battlebacks.
  3. alaky

    Use MogHunter's Battleback_Ex in Galv's Actor Mini Duel

    Sorry for being a necromancer, but I'm still looking for someone to help me with this. I'm willing to pay for a scripter to help me with this, so if someone is interested, please feel free to talk with me. Thanks again!
  4. alaky

    Use MogHunter's Battleback_Ex in Galv's Actor Mini Duel

    Hello there guys!  I'm using Moghunter's BattleBack Ex and Galv's Actor Duel Mini Game. In normal battles the script add new layers of battlebacks with some effects, yet it doesnt work in the Duel. I think its a viewport related thing thats is causing this, since i've added a new layer of...
  5. alaky

    Port of Galv's Actors Duel Mini Game

    Hello there guys, my current project on VX Ace uses this awesome script. I would like to see this on MV as well so.  To put it simple, this script allows you to set a "fighting game" inside RPG maker. Bellow is the script in pastebin for easy acess, and further bellow is the link for Galv's...
  6. alaky

    Request Simple Visual Novel / Galge Character Bust for Yanfly Message Core

    Exactly what I need, hope this gets done!
  7. alaky

    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    I've made some tests, and decide to go with your script for the entire game, it will take me some time adding the new comments but no problem at all. My only problem, is when using Mog Animated Title (Rin's title) In the title, it does not select the...
  8. alaky

    Amaranth's Super Simple Mouse System for Ace

    Hello there Shaz, is it possible to use only the mouse movement that you written in this script? To put it simple, I would like to disable clicks, but keep the movment. Since I use Falcão Mouse Script but it doesnt seem to work with Mog Scene A Screen, and yours work fine with mog, but its not...
  9. alaky

    Super Simple Mouse Script and MOG - Rin Title Screen

    Could you please share the snippet fix ?
  10. alaky

    Mog Animated Title and Mog Scene A - Mouse Issues

    Hey there guys, i ran into a complicated problem.   Im' using Falcão Mouse System Buttons 2.5 in my game.. And it works perfectly, except when:     1 - In Mog Animated Title(Rin's)   When the title starts the mouse appears but I...

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