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  1. Conday

    Nude Female Body Replacer for Charachter Generator

    For me personally, I have a scene in my novel where the main character has to dispose of enemy bodies after his first real battle, and once he's thrown the last one overboard he strips down and tosses his bloody clothes over as well.
  2. Conday

    More Realistic Hair Colors [v1.50]

    So there's no way to get around the file you want to use being named "gradients.png"?  I was hoping to name the different gradients files based on what I'm using them for to help me keep track, e.g, "realistichairgradients.png" for this resource.
  3. Conday

    Setting Regions

    Is there a way to set all tiles of one type as a certain region?  For example, can I set all grass tiles to Region 1 without having to do it by hand?  I looked over a couple tutorials and could not find the answer.  Thanks.
  4. Conday

    Data Backup Plugin

    I would like to bump this request not necessarily for myself, but because I feel it would be a real asset to the RPG Maker MV community.  Thanks.
  5. Conday

    Data Backup Plugin

    I would like to request a Data Backup Plugin.  After reading Andar's beginner guide (point 14), I went in search of a Data Backup Plugin that would work for MV as Data Backup Script and Data Backup worked for previous RPG Makers (I have enough experience losing data from playing Final Fantasy...
  6. Conday

    A More "Complete" Beard's Trim

    I don't know if anyone's interested, but for my own re-organization of the 5 O'Clock Shadow package, I removed the duplicate files 28-29, then changed 24-->26, 25-->24, 26-->27, and 27-->25.  Then I just subtracted 2 from the file names in the rest of this package, and from the Mutton Chop, No...
  7. Conday

    A starting point for new users (V1.2)

    Awesome guide, Andar! it has been super helpful in trying to learn RPG Maker for the first time.  I do have a question on point 14, backing up our data.  Since I'm using RPG Maker MV, my basic understanding is that the scripts you linked are not compatible with the plugin system of MV.  I tried...
  8. Conday

    A More "Complete" Beard's Trim

    Love the facial hair Sythian, they really help fill a void in the default generator.  I did have a question about the 5 o'clock shadow package though: what is the difference between the files mark 26, 28, & 29?  Looking at them in the generator I'm having a hard time seeing a difference between...
  9. Conday

    Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Dear Iliketea,    Wonderful job on the accessories and clothing!  I needed a crown for my king and was stuck with some crappy beret before you posted this. :)   That said, I am running into the same problem tlbearer posted below.  I saw that you were able to correct this for Slashman177 by...
  10. Conday

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    hiddenone,    First and foremost I would like to say thank you for all your hard work on these resources.  I am by no means an artist and trying to create accessories myself was going nowhere, so I really appreciate being able to use yours.  I also had a questions about the Wings files: I...
  11. Conday

    Using the RPG Maker Freebies

    I am a new user to RPG Maker MV, and am having some difficulty incorporating one of the free generator parts that was released.  In RPG Makers Freebies Part 11, there is an full-bandana Accessory under the 3-5 folder that I would like to use.  The TV and TVD of this accessory were released as...
  12. Conday

    DBDragoner's Edits 12/05

    Hi Dragoner, I'm new to RPG Makers (just bought MV) and have a question about your post.  You said that you were adjusting your sprites to RPG Maker MV, but then said that we would need Ace to use them.  Does that mean I would need MV and Ace to use your crown?  And if I can use your crown as an...

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