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  1. Exp Devourer

    Customizing Command Windows

    Thanks for the replies, I'll check those out. I would have answered sooner but I suffer from Divinci Syndrome, try to do too many projects at once and rarely finish anything! any rate I will check those out and see if any fits what I'm trying to do. Basically what I was going for is the...
  2. Exp Devourer

    Customizing Command Windows

    Hello and I will say this before anything else. As this has happened to me three times now. I made an effort to put this post like the last two in the area I believed it was meant to go. So if this is in the wrong place, do not assume its out of defiance or ignorance, more so out of confusion...
  3. Exp Devourer

    Changing Title Screen Font ??

    Well the way I did it was to open a blank project in Paint, draw what I wanted. Downloaded some plugins with the fonts I wanted, and used the Text tool in Paint to write the name of the title on it. Then in the RPG Maker, I'm using VX Ace by the way, so it may be different if your using another...
  4. Exp Devourer

    RPG VX Ace Script...Help!

    Hello, I'm new to these forums more or less, and heh as you can tell by the title I am in dire need of assistance. I can handle the majority of the game functions in this creation tool, but when it comes to scripting in this game, or any other I am at an utter loss. What I am currently working...
  5. Exp Devourer

    Delete this post

    Going to look around for a solution on the forums, if that doesn't work then the net.
  6. Exp Devourer

    Don't know why I can't walk during playtesting

    Ughh! Thank you, I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out why mine was doing the same thing. Tried everything from changing tiles, to removing events. At least that is working now.
  7. Exp Devourer

    Event and Text quandary

    Hello, I am new to these forums, and I didn't know where to post this. I have been working on a private fun little experiment of a game for about a month or so now. For the most part its comin  together nicely. However, oyi does this game do some strange things at times! Case in point, the...

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