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  1. FeralGames

    Fallout 4

    Ah, my game finally finished unpacking on Steam. Bye bye world. 
  2. FeralGames

    Jack's Generator Additions

    Thank you. Making a city based game, and the lack of black hairstyles was a little bit of an annoyance. 
  3. FeralGames

    Fallout 4

    There is no question. YOU WIN!  Also, how? I so want this.
  4. FeralGames

    Fallout 4

    Don't hate me for this. lol
  5. FeralGames

    Fallout 4

    I have no idea how I will manage until this comes out. I eed to work on my game more before it does. Once it comes out I will disappear from this world unless there are launch issues. 
  6. FeralGames

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    I honestly think it'd feel bad killing any of these. They're strangely adorable to me. 
  7. FeralGames

    The VX Ace Nostalgia Pit!(RTP CONTENT DONE FOR NOW)

    You're not wrong. I love how Waifu works too. I've been using it on a bunch of things for my game. 
  8. FeralGames

    Disabled Choice Conditions

    Is it possible to color code the choices? Say if using MessageCore?
  9. FeralGames

    DBDragoner's Edits 12/05

    Good job on these, they are really well done. 

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