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  1. CatFyre_Games

    Transferring Map Files to Another Project

    Thanks for the very useful info! As of right now, around 95% of the assets are done, 90% of database stuff already filled up, and we only have the maps left to create; so the master copy actually only has two small maps (for testing / debugging purposes) and my mapper has all the final version...
  2. CatFyre_Games

    Transferring Map Files to Another Project

    Hello guys, I'm currently developing a WIP game and i have the main project file which contains pretty much everything needed for the game (all the graphics, music, events, etc). After some time i hired another team member to create the maps (i purchased a fresh copy of RMMV for him through...
  3. CatFyre_Games

    Monster flashing before attacking, FF6 Style

    Hi guys, I've been searching for quite some time now, but i can't seem to find anything close to what i want: In the SNES Final Fantasy games (but in this case i'm more inclined to set FF6 as an example), the monster flashes white two times in quick succession before performing an actual...
  4. CatFyre_Games

    RMMV Souls of Arcania

    @Wavelength Thank you for approving the post, and thank you for the feedback! Regarding the distribution of stats directly instead of having some kind of middleman, as soon as i'm well - versed in RPG Maker MV (i'm a veteran user of another, more complicated engine and just recently got my hands...
  5. CatFyre_Games

    RMMV Souls of Arcania

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS CHARACTERS STORYLINE/PLOT And there you have it. I'll be updating this page regularly. By the way, while my username is CatFyre Games, this was thought of years ago and now i have a better, established name (Caotic Pixel Studios). Dunno if it's...
  6. CatFyre_Games

    Default "Actor Auto Battle AI" Question

    Hello guys, I'm doing some random tests regarding RMMV's default actor auto battle AI. Test #1: I tried letting the AI control all my current party members; and from my observation, AI - controlled actors typically use strong skills first (or perhaps, any skill in the actor's repository?) and...
  7. CatFyre_Games

    "Purchase the Next Chapter" setup?

    Hello guys, I'm pretty new, and i just want to know if something like this is possible in RPG Maker MV: I create a new game, release it for free on STEAM, but it's only the first chapter. The succeeding chapters should be purchased within the game itself. Is there such a plugin for something...
  8. CatFyre_Games

    OrangeGreenworks - Steam Integration with Achievements and Time Log

    Hello Hudell, Since you mentioned that this plugin also supports Steam DLCs, would it be possible to use this in some kind of "purchase per chapter" setup wherein the user needs to purchase succeeding chapters after playing the first chapter? Technically, potential next chapters are DLCs, right...

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