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  1. Xamusel

    TileRenderer seems to be buggy?

    So, in my current project, I decided to see about using Yanfly's GridFreeDoodads plugin for most of my mapping needs. Unfortunately, however, it seems like I keep on consistently messing up somehow due to some of the code. See, I started this project before Version 1.3.0 came out, I think. Of...
  2. Xamusel

    Hime's PreTitleEvents plugin in need of update?

    So, I don't really recall when the plugin last updated, but I was using it in a project of mine as of earlier today when I noticed that it wouldn't work. I checked to see if the plugin was turned off, first, only to find it wasn't. That's what made me confused and wondering if I needed to find...
  3. Xamusel

    Hello, new here...

    Okay, because I'm not sure of the standard procedure for this site in regards to introductions, I'll do this in a manner that I find appropriate. Name: Xamusel Hobbies: Writing and Gaming (as well as Game Developing) Likes: Numerous things, but one of which is when readers and/or players...

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