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  1. Unique character advancement

    I was hoping to use a custom graphical overlay for it like have anot entire section of menus dedicated to it. Here's a link to screenshot of chrono cross and the spell equip...
  2. Unique character advancement

    Alright thank you for the quick reply. Those are deffinetly the right concept I'll play around with them and see if I like the result. If anyone has a suggestion to make where the Equipable spells work like items (again referencing chrono cross) please let me know.
  3. Unique character advancement

    Not sure if there's a similar topic or even this exact one somewhere else but if it is I couldn't find it. Anyway I'm trying to add in a system that moves away from standard leveling to gain skills. If anyone has ever played chrono cross I want to do something like that. Where to use a skill it...

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