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  1. Problem with event activations

    Hey all, I'm having some difficulties here. So if I set up an NPC to trigger on "Action Button" it works when the player is adjacent to it. However if I set up an "NPC" with the sprite of part of a bed and try the same thing...I can't get it to trigger? So after struggling with that I just set...
  2. Can an Event be stretched?

    I'm asking for the One Map Challenge because you can only have 10 events. So let's stay I have a floor tile that I want to trigger something when the player walks across, is there a way to stretch out that single event to cover multiple tile spaces, rather than copy/pasting it? Sorry if I'm...
  3. Are any of these three things possible?

    Hey all, few questions... 1) Is it possible to, outside of battle, control two separate characters at once? So like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. As in party member A walks around with the left stick, while party member B walks around with the right stick. Probably not, but I figured I would...
  4. Am I allowed to use game resources outside of the engine?

    Hey all, first post here, glad to be a part of the forums. So I have a license for the MV through Steam. I also utilize Game Maker Studio. Would I be allowed to use any of RPG Maker's assets, notably the character portraits in a game built in GMS? I would imagine I would be required to credit...

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