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  1. barracuda

    Gap Between My character and Ground

    I'm working on a 2d game. Question is simple, how can i close the gap that i show in picture. In character's png file, there is no gap. I'm trying to make it step on ground but as you guys can see, he is more like flying.
  2. barracuda

    Weapon Attack Motions

    In my game, my characters can use 3 weapons. Brush, pencil, broom. When i attack(normal attack) enemies, i can see these weapons' attack motions. But when i try to use skill which they are related to these weapons, i can't see them.It's attacking but there is no brush if im using it. By the way...
  3. barracuda

    Conditional Branch - Button Press

    Hello guys. I need help about button press. I want to make a condition when you press a button on keyboard. Let's say it's "X" button. Trigger: event touch, priority: below character. Here's example:   Conditional Branch: The X Button being pressed Show Text: Hello world! @else @branch end...

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