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  1. Mewgles

    RMMZ Menu Engine/something

    I've recently started to port my VXA Menu Editor to MZ and things quickly got out of hand since I haven't touched the original in years and I've got quite a few ideas on how to enhance it. Though I'm not too sure on how useful these features are which is why I'm posting here. The following...
  2. Mewgles

    Custom GameOver

    Custom GameOver V1.0 Author: Mewgles Description: A simple plugin to allow a basic customization of the Scene_Gameover. Features: Add a adjustable command window to the GameOver screen (Continue, ToTitle, Quit) Individual X and Y coordinates for the window Adjustable command window style Set...
  3. Mewgles

    Custom MapName

    Custom MapName V1.0.1 Author: Mewgles Description: This simple plugin allows you to adjust and customize the map name window and display in a few ways. Features: Adjust map name window position and size Change font and font size of the map name display Adjust the map name display timer Show...

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