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  1. Gameisfun

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    @Anchovy thanks! @MushroomCake28 Haha got inspired by SAO when making that character.
  2. Gameisfun

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    @Anchovy Thanks! According to portraits, the hard part was getting the concepts down. Made some sprites as well! Rough though! Edit: enlarged the pictures :D
  3. Gameisfun

    Gameisfun's Humble Art Thread

    Hello! I will be keeping my goods in this thread and update from time to time. Feel free to check it out or comment! Without further ado, here we go!
  4. Gameisfun

    is working on environmental tile and gui/ui/hud.

    is working on environmental tile and gui/ui/hud.
  5. Gameisfun

    I challenge you!

    That's awesome! She came out great in a such simple style!
  6. Gameisfun

    I challenge you!

    This looks fun! I like to give it a shot! :kaopride: @Finnuval Inspired by your Crushroom battler!
  7. Gameisfun

    Inconsistency in the game's art style? A no-go?

    Ah, my turn to beat the dead horse! :D Generally, no. Well it depends on what you are going for, really. If you purposely decided on doing different are style meshing together, it can work. If the inconsistent look of the tileset is so meshed up together, it can look consistent, if that...
  8. Gameisfun

    Random Art Thread

    Long time lurker here :D everyone's art is AMAZING! I have been toying sprite for awhile now. A quick look at compare and contrast of a character on what I have been playing with. The far left is RTP. Then edits, then custom. The far right is what I am sticking with. Well without further...
  9. Gameisfun

    IGMC Submissions & Ratings

    Hello! It has been one heck of a month, here is our team's entry: MaB: Shadow World If you are into tactical battle system, check it out! @Adventurer_inc. *edit: add game title
  10. Gameisfun


    WOW, this is some good stuff here!
  11. Gameisfun

    whats the difference between Sex and Porn in Games?

    I believe there is a difference. If there is meaning behind it, for example the main hero and heroine created a new hero as a sequel through sex, there was meaning behind the act of interecourse. If you choose to do it purely for fan service, that mostly mean fan service, meaning you want sex...
  12. Gameisfun

    Say "Hello" in your language

    Hello - English Nyob zoo (literally "live good") - Hmong

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