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  1. Jaiden

    [Solved] Cogwheel Translated Script Usage Terms

    UPDATE: I was able to get in direct contact with him and he provided me with usage permission. This thread can be deleted/locked. Thanks! -- Hey all, hopefully this is the right place to request this. I have a script I found by the RPG Maker XP scripter known as "Cogwheel" or "Shou". His...
  2. Jaiden

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock

    Extra Fogs & Panorama Lock By Jaiden Introduction This is a script that I've used to enhance XP's mapping even further. It allows for an additional fog that is exclusive to the map ID instead of the tileset, plus an additional two fogs: one drawn as a "lightmap" to add lighting effects and one...
  3. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia

    Dive into Astravia, a world of magic and mystery filled with bold quests, engaging battles, and compelling secrets. Legends of Astravia is a story-driven JRPG with puzzle elements inspired by games like Golden Sun, Chrono Trigger, and Grandia. It was originally created for the IGMC 2017...
  4. Jaiden

    RMXP Legends of Astravia [IGMC2017]

    EDIT 2/23/2018: This thread is outdated! Visit the official thread HERE. I have always wanted to create a game, but never got around to it. The IGMC 2017 finally inspired me to start my project, and it's really ambitious. I plan to make something that reminds the player of the classics, like...

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