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  1. Tricimir

    How to use graphics from RPG maker 2003

    sprites will work just fine, MV still handles them them same way. as long as it's 2 tiles tall or less it's fine. The biggest difference is that each characterset will need to be put into it's own sheet since the dimensions are different. You can upscale the graphics or use the tile size plugin...
  2. Tricimir

    Trouble with treasure!

    Echoing CleanWater, if the event isn't loading at all something very strange is going on. Because from what I see of your setup, that should work fine. If it's the second page turning up you can hit F9 durring testplay to bring up a list of switches and variables and see if the that switch is...
  3. Tricimir

    Trouble with treasure!

    What about page 1? Most likely there's a switch or something attached to it that's preventing it from loading in. Edit: Oops sorry the page one screen wasn't loading for me.
  4. Tricimir

    Trouble with treasure!

    please post a picture of the event you made for your treasure chest so we can possibly see what's wrong.
  5. Tricimir

    Mega lag in battle encounter (mobile)

    well, presumably, it's because those images in particular are fairly large and colorful so having them together is pushing the limits of memory space for your mobile device. I've heard people say that you can run your stuff though and it'll significantly reduce the file...
  6. Tricimir

    RMMV where to start

    If you already know what you want, my suggestion would actually be to spend some time investigating plugins that other people have made and see how close they can get you to your goal.
  7. Tricimir

    Zelda-like items/tools that allow environmental exploration

    One of the holes modern zelda games tend to fall into is making how you get your items too predictable. This can feel very "gamey." Along with being creative about the nature of your items, try being creative about how you get them too. They don't always need to come from a big chest in a...
  8. Tricimir

    Event ID from location.

    huh, kinda poorly named, isn't it? Well I stand corrected, that's very useful. Thank you for making me aware of it.
  9. Tricimir

    Event ID from location.

    Wouldn't that just get the location of an event, instead of starting with a location and determining if an event (and which one) is there? because the reason I'm starting with an location and checking for events instead of the other way around is because it means I only need to check 8 tiles, as...
  10. Tricimir

    Will vx ace events work in mv?

    The answer is "Sometimes. maybe." The two programs have a lot in common when it comes to how they handle events. but there are also exception and differences. So most of the time, particularly if has nothing to do with battle, the basic event structure should carry over with little trouble...
  11. Tricimir

    Event ID from location.

    wow, that's much easier than I was expecting, thanks! It's a combination of hit detection and an area of effect "liquid" system. Basically, a puddle of liquid gets spilled on the floor, it has to check the tiles next to it to see if they need updating. (if they have a puddle on them too, the...
  12. Tricimir

    Event ID from location.

    Is there a way to check an X/Y location, determine if there's an event present there, and if so, what it's ID is? I imagine if it's possible it'll require either a script or possibly even a plugin, but first things, first, is it even possible?
  13. Tricimir

    Is RPG Maker just a cookie cutter?

    While it's not the easiest way to go about things, RPG maker isn't NEARLY as limiting as people tend to think it is. back in my 2k3 days, I made all sorts of engines within the program just because I wanted to see if I could. They included: 8 directional pixel movement with full animation (using...
  14. Tricimir

    Trying to stop custom move route

    Can you try switching the event to a different page with no move route?
  15. Tricimir

    Lag spike only when loading large save files?

    I've heard of plugins having nebulous effects even if they're disabled, though it's kinda rare and they're really not supposed to be able to. I'm going to assume you don't have any common events running, because that would be the obvious answer. Was the save file that's lagging made before or...
  16. Tricimir

    Lag spike only when loading large save files?

    Yeah, I figured. Sorry, I probably could have worded it more clearly.
  17. Tricimir

    Lag spike only when loading large save files?

    I believe you misinterpreted what I said. I said a save file would always be the same size for a given game. As in, it wouldn't mater if a save file is at the beginning of a game or in a final area, as long as it's still for the same build of the same game, (which is what he was concerned with)...
  18. Tricimir

    Lag spike only when loading large save files?

    That doesn't really make sense. Save files should always be the same size, regardless, for a given game. They're always storing the same amount of information, just different values for it. this is just a shot in the dark but is it possible you've turned on and left running some parallel process...
  19. Tricimir

    Map Enemy Movement

    It's also possible to do with just standard events if you want. Give the enemies 2 pages. One is just them normally moving randomly or whatever and the second page is the exact same thing, but it chases you instead and controlled by a switch. Make a parallel process event that compares the...

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