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  1. Mr. Bubble

    Rules Topics that don't go here.

    The rules for the Learning Ruby and RGSSx section of this forum are purposefully vague. We want to facilitate open discussion about various topics regarding Ruby, programming, and other such topics. However, we want to be very clear about which topics DO NOT go in the Learning Ruby and RGSSx...
  2. Mr. Bubble

    Tales of Graces Title System

    Tales of Graces Title System Script by Mr. Bubble   More Screenshots   Summary This script replicates the Title system from the Wii/PS3 game “Tales of Graces”. It’s a somewhat unique system which performs like an alternative leveling system. This script has a high learning curve. Please read...
  3. Mr. Bubble

    Battle Rules Display

    Battle Rules Display by Mr. Bubble       Summary Displays battles rules as defined in Tsukihime’s Battle Rules script.   The bulk of the code in this script was taken from the VX script “KGC_TalesStyleEffect” by tomy. As stated in tomy’s terms of use, people are allowed to freely...
  4. Mr. Bubble

    Enemy AI State (Ace)

    Enemy AI State (Ace) Original VX Script by Mithran Ported to VX Ace by Mr. Bubble Summary This script makes an actor mimic the Action Patterns of an enemy by using a state. When the state is inflicted, the character will auto-battle using the Action Patterns of the enemy specified by the...
  5. Mr. Bubble

    Too Much Information (TMI) Item Scene

    Too Much Information Item Scene Script by Mr. Bubble     More Screenshots   Summary This script remodels the item scene so that more information about items may be viewed by players. People familiar with my Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System script will find the window aesthetic similar in...
  6. Mr. Bubble

    Update the Master Script List and earn a forum award icon!

    All RMW forum members are eligible to earn special forum award icons for updating the VX Ace Master Script List wiki! Special thanks to Archeia for making these award icons!  VX Ace Master Script List Contributor Award The VXAce Master Script List Contributor forum award is given to RMW...
  7. Mr. Bubble

    Reader Functions for Features/Effects

    Reader Functions for Features/Effects Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This is a scripter’s tool. This means programming knowledge and Ruby knowledge are required to understand and utilize this script. This script does nothing by itself. All RPG::BaseItem objects have an array of...
  8. Mr. Bubble

    Ignore Guard

    Ignore Guard Script by Mr. Bubble Summary Apparently, there's no default way in the project edtior to disregard the target's Guard state when calculating skill/item formulae. This script allows skills, items, and other database objects to ignore the target's Guard state which will allow...
  9. Mr. Bubble

    KMS Distribute Parameter

    KMS Distribute Parameter Script by Tomy Latest Version: 2012/08/05 Description This script gives players the power to determine how actors' stats are distributed in a game. This is one of TOMY's more popular scripts from VX now made for VX Ace. Please read the...
  10. Mr. Bubble

    FF5 "Mix"

    FF5 "Mix" Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script is based on the Chemist job class command "Mix" from Final Fantasy 5. Mix allows the user to mix any items from the party's inventory for a variety of effects in battle. All item combination formulae must be defined in the customization...
  11. Mr. Bubble

    Rename Anything

    Rename Anything Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script allows players to rename game objects in the database from within a game. Why would you want to do that? I don’t know, but now you can. Script Can be found here: Installation Paste this script into its...
  12. Mr. Bubble

    Real-time Cooldowns

    Real-time Cooldowns Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script allows you to define real-time cooldowns for skills, limiting the frequency of skill usage based on the Playtime timer. Script Can be found here: Installation Paste this script into its own page within...
  13. Mr. Bubble

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This item crafting script is modeled after the crafting system implemented in the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. It’s a very simple crafting system with a very simple GUI which I also used as a model. Players...
  14. Mr. Bubble

    What features/options do you look for in an item crafting system?

    I'm just about to begin production on an itemcraft script. However, the one I'm making is based off an existing RPG's crafting system. It is very unlikely this system would be a "one-size-fits-all" in terms of itemcraft systems so I want to gauge users on what they want in a crafting system...
  15. Mr. Bubble

    Dismantle Items

    Dismantle Items Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script is based off the Dismantling mechanic from Final Fantasy 13. However, copying that exact system isn’t very fun so I added a few extra optional features. You can also define the chance for items to be dismantled from the original...
  16. Mr. Bubble

    Homunculus Item

    Homunculus Item Script by Mr. Bubble Summary Instant death attacks are a staple in the repertoire of skills featured in the SMT series of games by Atlus. Combined with the rule that it is game over when the main character dies, players can lose a battle instantly they are not wary of...
  17. Mr. Bubble

    Lose Battle on Actor Death

    Lose Battle on Actor Death Script by Mr. Bubble Summary Some RPGs out there are arbitrarily increased in difficulty by the simple rule that if the lead character dies, it is considered a Game Over. This small script provides that same functionality to VX Ace projects with the added...
  18. Mr. Bubble

    Guts Effect

    Guts Effect Script by Mr. Bubble Summary Those who have played games from the Breath of Fire console-RPG series may be familiar with the uncommon "Guts" gameplay mechanic. Guts is a hidden parameter that provides a chance to automatically revive immediately after being incapacitated...
  19. Mr. Bubble

    Auto-Life Effect

    Auto-Life Effect Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script is my attempt to replicate the well-known status effect ”Auto-Life” a.k.a. “Reraise”, “Life 3″, “Lifeline”, etc. in VX Ace. Auto-life automatically revives battlers when they are Incapacitated in battle. Be aware that the...
  20. Mr. Bubble

    Shield Blocking

    Shield Blocking Script by Mr. Bubble Summary This script adds the ability to mitigate damage by providing a chance to block damage. Blocking comes in two different flavors, normal blocking and critical blocking, similar to WoW (when critical blocking still existed). Features include bonus TP...

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