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  1. Knightmare

    RMMZ Maze of the Lost MZ (Demo 0.99 Released 10/17/20)

  2. Knightmare

    RMMZ Anyone know how to add State Resistances to VisuStella ElementStatus Core? Or another way.

    Hello. I have been playing more in-depth with VisuStella stuff and I like the status menu in that you can see Element Resistances and Element Attack but there's no section for States and it would be nice to have State Resistances and State Attack columns as well. I'm looking through the...
  3. Knightmare

    [BUG]Multicopy sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

    Weird one here....when I hold shift to select multiple items to copy over sometimes when I go to paste the paste option is greyed out and other times it copies over just fine. It seems to be totally random, never had this problem in MV. I know I'm "doing it right" because I did this hundreds...
  4. Knightmare

    An if/else statement for equipment requirements

    Hey all. What I am trying to do is put an if/else statement in a piece of equipment that will check the following. Basically I am using Alistair Attribute Distribution and I know how to write what I need but I don't know how to check it. I need an ability to have a certain amount of points...
  5. Knightmare

    How do I make a script call to check if ANY actor has a skill?

    Hello.  I am making a game with more or less open classes and I want to do a script call that allows me to check if any actor has a particular skill and not a specific actor.  I've tried using these... $||2||3||4||5||6||7||8||9||10||11||12||13||14||15||16).isLearnedSkill(34)...
  6. Knightmare

    Any shop modifying script.

    Not picky but the default shop scene is very...basic.  And I think it could use some love.  I know there are not a lot of shop scripts/plugins that change the information displayed in the shop windows for pretty much any maker and it is a little sad to see the poor shops so neglected :( . ...
  7. Knightmare

    Hello all. I'm back after about 2 years.

    Hey everyone.  Not too many probably remember me as I'm sure things have changed a lot over time.  I'm Knightmare.  Nice to meet (or re-meet) all of you.  Took some time away from Maker and the Community for a bit.  Had a dry spell with the Maker and went without using it for awhile and got...
  8. Knightmare

    Gold and Glory

    I've managed to have a little free time to play some maker games and yours is on my list. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  9. Knightmare

    Maze of the Lost - DEMO 2.0 Released 07/15/12

    The game is titled Maze of the Lost, its basically a Dungeon Crawler/JRPG hybrid. This is my first official project so I'm not going to make it all that complicated and will keep it rather simple as far as story and plot. I will probably use default RTP with a few additions, I'll be using a lot...
  10. Knightmare

    Hey peeps

    Hey all. Glad to see this site up and running and with a familiar interface. Most of you probably know me as the goofball from the other site. Just wanted to say my official hello here. Feel free to PM if you need RPG Maker VX or VX Ace help or if you want feedback on something, I like to...

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