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  1. Ed19

    How to add common events before and after the skill is used

    Please help me how to add common events before and after the skill is used. So, the sequence is like this : *Skill begins* Common Event : 01 Skill cast, do damage Common Event : 02 *Skill ends* Is it possible by using Yanfly Battle Sequences ? Regards
  2. Ed19

    Stay at home - Have you learned new skills?

    So, COVID-19 pandemic has changed our life, so we must stay at home unless it's urgent matters. For me, I have a full-time job, but at 50% of the time I will do "Work from Home" things. So, now we have more time to do self-improvements. For me, I have started learning cooking on my own and I...
  3. Ed19

    A random skill

    I have one character that is a total wildcard when giving a buff, but he won't give you negative states/buffs, but his supporting skill is pretty random. For example : Lucky heal - grants one of these states ( hp regen / mp regen / tp regen ) to a random ally. sometimes you can receive both hp...
  4. Ed19

    It is good to release VX ACE commercial games nowadays.

    I aware games made by RPG Maker Engine is plagued by the negative stigma of bad and unpolished games, although I've seen great RPG Maker games in steam. So as I analyzed ; people will probably mostly use MV for game development, is it a good idea to release rpg maker games by using the VX ACE...
  5. Ed19

    Yanfly Equip Core - How to clear equipment via Plugin command

    Hi I have problems on Yanfly Equip Core - How to clear all equipment via Plugin command. In Yanfly Equip Core, we have the "Optimize" and "Clear" options. Now, I would like to "Clear" all equipment for a certain actor via plugin. I don't use "Change Equipment" event command, because I have...
  6. Ed19

    Equipment that can reduces critical damage

    Hi guys For Example ; the critical strike will deal 300% damage. and I would like to make an accessory that reduces the critical damage by 50%. So, if an enemy attacks a character with the accessory equipped, he will still receive critical damage (total =150%). I'm using Yanfly Critical...
  7. Ed19

    Add a state when an enemy is hit by certain element

    I would like to have an enemy that can get a certain state when it is being hit by a certain element, for example : "Slime" monster will get the "Burn" state when attacked by fire elemental attacks. Should I use plugin ? Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. Ed19

    Downloading Yanfly Plugins

    So, I just came back from the RPG Maker community again, It seems i cannot access his personal anymore because he's retiring. Does anybody know where's to download his plugins and collaboration plugins?
  9. Ed19

    boss revive mechanic

    I need help with my final boss revive mechanic, let's say like this : Boss A Minion 1 Minion 2 The boss has the "minion shield" buff, so the boss is completely invulnerable when the minions are still alive. So, here's my plan : I would like the boss revives all minions after 3-5 turns after...
  10. Ed19

    Example of Lighthearted JRPG?

    May contain spoilers 1. Grandia I played this game for 10 hours, and I have never finished this game but from the atmosphere I can feel the light-hearted sense of it. This game is full of energy and spirit. I've heard it will be released on steam (2019). I'd like to try it again. 2. Legend of...
  11. Ed19

    A lesson

    This topic may be a little bit personal, Actually I have a problem that someone took my money and he won't return it back to me unless I give him some precious information which is my job's related. If the information is leaked, I believe it will cause a bigger problem ahead. So I refused to...
  12. Ed19

    My unused music - free for commercial use

    Terms : 1. The music is free for non-commercial & commercial use. 2. You are able to modify and edit the music. 3. Do not claim my music as it is yours. 4, Please credit : Neka Music. 5. If you use my music for your games, please do tell me. I have an unused piece I made a few months ago. 1...
  13. Ed19

    Map Idea

    I would need feedback for this map, Do you think the map looks weird just because I use a combination of circular and rectangular walls? Should I stay consistent to one certain shape?
  14. Ed19

    Story of your life - What's your biggest regret?

    I think it's my own loyalty to someone (not my girlfriend or my parents, though). I've done so much for many years, yet this someone is unable to return me a single favor until now; but he promised me to do so. until now; no single action was taken instead of delaying the favor. I was like...
  15. Ed19

    Create a DoT state that can reduce HP to 0

    I wanted to create a "bleeding" state, which as follows : Reduce HP each turn based on the missing HP. The more missing HP, the more damage received. This state can reduce HP to 0. I'm using yanfly DoT extension plugins/states core plugins. Anyone can help would be appreciated. Regards
  16. Ed19

    How do you handle a "random" scene.

    Let's say, you have 10 actors in game and you are only allowed to choose up to random 3 actors in your game for a certain event , how do you handle the event especially regarding the dialogues and sprites? For example : if I choose actor 1,2,3 the scene will be : Actor 1,2,3 appear in the...
  17. Ed19

    Reduce TP upon dying.

    Is there a way to create reduce an actor's TP when his hp is reduced to zero. I'm thinking about Yanfly Buffs & States core script. Can someone help? Thanks in advance.
  18. Ed19

    Create a skill that deals additional damage based on the attacker's Max MP.

    Topic. In this case, I want to be separated into a 2-hit(s) combo, the first hit does normal damage, but the second hit does damage based on the attacker's MP. Anybody can help will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  19. Ed19

    Events keep playing after finishing a battle /escaping from a battle

    I have a strange bug, which an event keeps playing after I finish/escape from battles. Let's say the event is an introduction event about that place, and for game progression; I add "Self-Switch A" and +1 Variable. Whenever I finish a battle, the introduction event will be played again. Could...
  20. Ed19

    Enlarging Option windows' size.

    Can someone help me how to enlarge the option windows in game therefore I can see all available options without scrolling? As you can see, I have one more option in the bottom. And, I don't want to change the screen resolution, because the other windows are not affected. Thanks.

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