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  1. kj3400

    Adding a custom condition (elemental damage) for covering

    I'm using Hime's Cover Conditions ( and I'm trying to define the condition for a particular battler to be covered as being hit by any skill with a certain element. Edit: I've been rooting around trying to find a solution and I've noticed...
  2. kj3400

    State that attracts elemental attacks

    Is there a way to have a state to allow the target to draw in all attacks of one or more elements, including ones where it wasn't the target of the attack and AOE attacks?
  3. kj3400

    Skill that unequips or destroys equipped items

    Forgive me if this topic has been discussed before, but I was wondering if there was a way for a skill to disable, unequip or even destroy equipment or accessories as an effect, either by script or some way I haven't seen yet.
  4. kj3400

    Ice Block

    As the title says, I am wondering if anyone could make a simple ice block for VX Ace(sprite? character? object?) and possibly an animation of it breaking (but that's me being ambitious at best!) I would like it to be the size of a one tile cliff or wall, and for it to look something like this...
  5. kj3400

    Having Defend Restore HP or MP Conditionally

    As the title says, I want to have defending have an effect of restoring a small amount of hp or mp, depending on whether the character is a magic user or uses weapons. I figure I need to make a custom formula, but I'm not really sure on how I would check if the particular person using the skill...
  6. kj3400

    Attack related questions

    Two questions. Is there some way to have an attack that regains HP depending on the attack of the user? If an enemy gives a state to a particular person, is there a way for that state to prevent the person from attacking only the enemy that gave it that state?
  7. kj3400

    How to make a skill use an item.

    As the title says, I have a skill that I would like to be dependent on items. Is there a way to do this?
  8. kj3400

    Causing a state by inflicting a state on a battler with an existing state

    I thought I had seen a thread that asked this same question, but I couldn't find it. I wanted to know if I have a party member/enemy with a particular state, how I can have a second state inflicted upon them which would cause a completely different state, that is a combination of the first 2 states.
  9. kj3400

    Item Usage for More than one battle

    I was wondering if there was a way to have an item work for more than one battle. My idea was to have an item that, when used, worked for 4-5 battles before causing an actor to go into a particular state. Is this even possible?
  10. kj3400

    Getting enemies to drop more than one unit of things

    I've been looking around and extensively researching this, but I haven't seen what I've been looking for, so I'll just ask. I'm looking to implement a middleman currency, if you will, for battles, since I don't think most enemies would have money on them. This would then be convertible into the...
  11. kj3400

    A Modern Shop

    I'm going to pull the 'new member' card again and apologize in advance if this is in the wrong spot. I took some time thinking about where it would go as it's 1/3 a request and 2/3s a discussion topic, and math told me to put it here I was working on my RPG when I had a thought. In modern...
  12. kj3400

    Computer Lab Tileset

    I don't know if this is exactly the right place to put it, so forgive me if it isn't. What I'm looking for is a tileset with a computer, chairs, tables and desks for a computer lab I'm looking to create in my project. If anyone could point me in the right direction or let me know where I could...
  13. kj3400

    Location Labelling

    Is there a way to have a particular location, when it shows up when you enter somewhere, have the name of a party member that the player puts in (e.g. Kenny's House) ?
  14. kj3400

    Dual Class possible?

    Hi all. I just got RPG Maker VX Ace on the Steam flash sale (like most other people, ha :guffaw: ) and I'm beginning a project with some friends. My question is if there is a way to have each party member have the ability to have two classes? Or would I have to modify the classes to incorporate...
  15. kj3400

    Oh hi there

    I'm new to this RPG making business, but not to knowing what they're all about. As my username is merely a formality, please, call by my actual name, Kenny. I'm looking forward to learning how to use this and getting (lots of) help and make an awesome game and making some friends in the process...

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